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The following release from Jim Sinclair hits home with me, personally.  Susan and I have a very large position in TNX.  I am irate over this kind of blatant illegal market manipulation in general, and in this case, in particular!  Tanzanian Royalty Exploration is a fine company, guided by none other than Jim Sinclair.  They offer real value, a politically safe environment and top-notch management.  That is the formula for success in the mining business.   But it appears that no stock is safe as long as these slimy bastards are allowed to pull this kind of crap without any fear of the regulators doing the job that they were hired to do and ensure that the laws now on the books are followed.

My Dear Extended Family,

TNX closed in Canada at C$4.97 on more than 500,000 shares. TRX was trading at $4.92 seconds before the NYSE/Amex close on good volume. Someone entered a “market on the close sell,” order that was bigger than the average day’s trading to close at $4.11 on the NYSE/AMEX. The time of this final transaction was 4:05pm, five minutes after the official closing bell.

My more than 50 years in the investment business tells me that this was a short whose only intention was to manipulate the price to benefit some aspect of his position and had little to do with option expiry.

As you know the fundamental progress of our company has been excellent this year. Our cash position is excellent. I know of no change in that positive trend.

I am angry at manipulation. I am angry at the failure of our NYSE/AMEX specialist to conduct an orderly market. I am contacting all regulatory authorities and exchanges to complain and ask you to do the same for our company we have worked so hard to build to where it is today.

The contact is as follows:


SEC – http://www.sec.gov/complaint/select.shtml

Amex – http://usequities.nyx.com/customer-support

Please help me defend us, our good company, our employees and the country of Tanzania with whom we have made a unique full partnership transaction. We will not let some egomaniac behind a computer play with us like this with no attention to rules or regulations. It is time to fight back. You can be assured I will to the fullest of my experience, position and ability.




Sick Of The Manipulation Of Your Shares?

June 15, 2012, at 7:08 pm
by Jim Sinclair


Dear CIGAs,

Have you had enough of the manipulation of your gold and silver shares? The more noise we make the closer we come to getting the light shined on these evil people.

Complain about the raids of your investments by short sellers if you have witnessed it.

Hi Jim,

Looking at quite a few issues this afternoon, this same phenomenon occurred with huge volumes right at the close or even trading after the close. THIS is the biggest, most blatant and in your face manipulation since this whole fiasco started. I entered the PM arena in 1998 and thought that I had seen it all. Apparently not! Of course, we will not hear anything from the regulators but we must yell louder and louder. To suffer in silence is madness and cowardly.


Dear Bill,

I am asking my readers that if any gold shares they hold were sneak attacked after the close tonight that they raise total hell with both the regulators and the exchange.

I am asking for 400,000 complaints on Monday morning. Suffering in silence is madness. These people do not want sunlight on themselves so our only weapon is to turn as much light on as we can.

Dear Friends,

Please complain about the blatant manipulation of your company today to the following:

SEC – http://www.sec.gov/complaint/select.shtml

Amex – http://usequities.nyx.com/customer-support




Notes To The SEC–Join The Fight!

June 16, 2012, at 9:54 pm
by Jim Sinclair


Following your call to action, the following is the content of my email to the SEC:

“Moments after the New York market closed Friday, June 15, 2012, there was a major carpet bombing of various gold mining shares. I listed NGD above as an example of a company I own. Look at the chart. Straight down on virtually no volume immediately after the market closed. 4% down in seconds.  Apparently, this tactic was spread across the gold mining shares generally.

When, pray tell, will the SEC take action against these blatant crooks utilizing naked short selling on low volume to manipulate the market price? I’m not counting on it during my lifetime.”

If this were against GS or JPM, no doubt the SEC would have the cavalry after them.



When you try to catch a raccoon the thing will fight like hell, butting, biting and tearing everywhere. We have to be the same. 

I can afford to hire eminent US and Canadian security counsel to determine if there is civil liability by the perpetrators due to the company.

I can see if any exchange rules were broken concerning order, size of price difference on execution, position of the specialist on the AMEX, time requirement for a MOC order to be entered, Canadian Jitney to the US, stock borrowed if short, and many other things.

If you go ballistic every time someone touches you soon nobody screws with you.

It is the poor cash strapped gold and silver companies, poor securities regulation wise management, and people without a voice that have no option.

I have many options, and will use them all. As an Irish Jew I am determined and without fear.

You have helped me.

Thank you,

Hey, but we need to keep our life in “balance”.  You are bombarded by what is wrong in the world here, on a daily basis, so I thought I’d offer you some balance on this wonderful Monday:

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