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I don’t know if yesterday’s price activity in both silver and gold was the beginning of a new rally in both metals…or just a respite. But I wouldn’t be out of this market [or short either metal] for any reason. – Ed Steer

GoldMoney founder and GATA consultant James Turk today tells King World News that while the recent pullback in gold and silver lasted a bit longer than he expected, the fundamentals for the two precious metals are stronger than ever. The supposed end of “quantitative easing” has not strengthened the dollar, Turk says, and when QE3 is launched or even hinted at, the dollar will plunge and the precious metals will explode. You can find an excerpt from the interview at the King World News blog here:

Turk – Commencement of QE3 to Send the Dollar Into Oblivion


David Schectman

Miles Franklin