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The best part of my job is the people I meet, and the best invention of all time, the internet.  Care of the web, I dialogue with readers from ALL continents, at ALL times of day.  And best of all, you never know who’s on the other end of a message, from executives to entertainers to school teachers.

Several months ago, I received an email from John Schmidt, a voracious RANTING ANDY reader and recent convert to the security of REAL MONEY.  John exclaimed he was a professional pool player, with a passion for silver equal to nine-ball and – as I learned last night – “one pocket.”  First and foremost, John humbly thanked me for the education he’s received from Miles Franklin; and secondarily, inquired if there was a way he could partner with us to market Precious Metals.

We started to dialogue, and lo and behold, John is a WORLD CHAMPION – one of America’s most famous players.  In fact, John is nicknamed “Mr. 400,” as he is the only living player to have run 400 straight balls – and he’s done it TWICE…

John Schmidt – a.k.a., Mr. 400

As our dialogue continued, John sent some of his marketing materials – including a CD of the 2006 U.S. Open final, in which he won the world nine-ball championship against fellow champion Rodolfo Luat of the Philippines…

John Schmidt wins U.S. Open

John lives a nomadic existence, so it was a no-brainer meeting us in Las Vegas – naturally, a major pool mecca.  In fact, Miles Franklin’s good friend Kerry Lutz – of the Financial Survival Network – interviewed him yesterday, an extremely engaging dialogue with a true sports personality…

John Schmidt (Live at Freedom Fest 2012) – A Pool Pro’s Guide To Real Money

We even played a round of golf, where I observed first-hand the superior hand/eye coordination of professional athletes.  Just as professional actors seem to also be talented singers, comedians, and dancers, professional athletes tend to seamlessly transfer their skill sets from one sport to the next.  And better yet, John was invited to compete in a Livestream pay-per-view match this weekend, which I was privileged to watch last night from a Las Vegas “pool studio.”

I’ve played a bit of pool in my time, so I am well aware – like golf – of how difficult it can be.  Pool is America’s second most popular sport, and religiously worshiped in Asia.  Yet, 99% of all players have not a clue how to “move” the cue ball.  In other words, sinking balls is a part of the game, but “moving the ball” equally important.  Last night, I watched John and 2001 U.S. Open nine-ball champion Corey “Cash Money” Deuel “duel” it out – an astonishing display of ball control and nerves – giving me a new-found respect for those with the talent and motivation to become World Champions…

Corey Deuel – Wikipedia

My passion is PROTECTING people from the upcoming hyperinflation, but my job is marketing Precious Metals.  Thus, it made me proud to see the words “Miles Franklin” on John Schmidt’s shirt!


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