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Many readers who have been following my work have seen my wife Kathryn’s pastel work over the last two years. Her learning curve has been unlike anything I’ve ever seen,  from the arts, music, sports or what have you.  She surprised me this past January when she gave me my birthday present, the gift of a portrait of mi amigo “Principe’, Rarin’ to Go!”  We had gone out last October (before he grew his winter coat) and took about 20 photos, but I had no idea when she planned to paint it.  Below was what we chose.


“Principe’ – Rarin’ to Go!”

And no, this is NOT a photo, this is the painting itself!

From a horseman’s point of view, the pose is incredible.  The neck angle, the calmness of his face and eyes, the slight slack in the reigns and legs not touching the horse are all correct.  In short, a horse going about his business as requested.  Some may wonder why his ear is not forward.   He is Spanish and hears EVERYTHING, including the click of the camera shudder.  I urge you to enlarge this photo as much as possible to see the minute detail.  From the headstall to the saddle, from the veins in his neck to mud on his hoofs, she has given me the best birthday present of a lifetime!  We hope you enjoy this piece!

On an entirely different subject, I must say it has been a joy, a pleasure, and thank you!  Many of you know our house burned down three years ago, after which I sought income for my work that had been free to the public for almost six years prior.  Bill Murphy of LeMetroporle Café was the first to come across my work and gave me the first push into the public spotlight.  Thank you so much Bill!  David and Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin saw merit and wanted the rights to my work.  In essence they sponsored me and helped us get past our tragedy.  Over the last two years my writings have been spread amongst many and various precious metals and investment websites.  I thank David and Andy immensely for the platform they gave me.  Without the platform they offered, the process would have been much more arduous.  Thank you David and Andy!

As of May 15th, I will no longer be writing for Miles Franklin but I will retain a working relationship with them.  Some know but many do not, I broker precious metals business through Miles Franklin and plan to continue to do so in the future.  They are very fair in their pricing, unparalleled in their service, and above all, honest people!  In my book, and I hope you have sensed this in my writings, there is no substitution for honesty.  Without honesty we end up in situations such as the Western financial system finds itself today.

I plan to take a couple of weeks off heading into June as I need to recharge my batteries for what comes.  As the calendar turns to June, I will begin to live what any precious metals writer could only dream of – I will be working with Jim Sinclair!  I cannot tell you what this means to me personally.  To say this is the highest honor I could imagine is an understatement.  There is no greater mind, nor wealth of experience I could partner with.  I look forward to learning more than I ever have before and to soak up every “war story” he’s willing to relate.

We are not exactly sure yet what the platform will look like.  It may include a dedicated website, seminars and conferences or other plans; we are still chewing on this.  Whatever we finally decide is fine with me and can be adjusted over time as we see the need.  More than likely I will be writing slightly less than I am currently.  Four to five articles per week has been taxing and sometimes the result is not as fresh as I’d like.  My only fear is I wake up one day with writers block and cannot pen something Jim and I would be proud of or our readers deem worth their time to read.  Jim’s offer is validation to me that what I do is in fact relevant.  Everyone from time to time has had their doubts and wonders of their relevance.  I am no different.

I thank everyone who has read and enjoyed my work in the past.  I thank those who forwarded my articles and commented so often (except for the paid trolls).  I thank everyone who has helped me in any fashion along the way.  It has been my pleasure striving to open up closed eyes and protect YOU from what is coming because what comes will be more ugly and more evil than nearly anything humanity has experienced before.

I look forward to our new relationship and THANK YOU ALL!