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Just how naive are we as a nation?  If you spend a mere 4 minutes to watch Mark Dice asks people to sign a petition you’ll find out.  Dice asks people to sign a petition in support of the “Orwellian Nazi police state” because of the budget cuts.  Do you wonder why our country is in the shape that it is?  People A. obviously doesn’t know history and B. apparently don’t even care.  If he doesn’t come across a few that still understand reality then we are further down the rabbit hole than even I thought…which I didn’t think was possible.  Nobody will care…until they do.  They won’t care until it’s too late.  Like the saying goes, “They won’t care until they come for them personally.”

Something that apparently no one cares about including the press was the budget “deal” that was just cut to extend the debt ceiling/budget deal to Feb. 15th.  This would be hilarious but it’s not because the stage is now set for all out hyperinflation.  We have not had a budget in 5 years while conversely “5 year olds” understand that you have to have a budget and when you run out of money you stop spending.  The deal that was struck completely lifts the budget ceiling so there is no telling how much borrowing will occur between now and then.  It gets even better, the “deal” states that any budget or debt ceiling put before the president to sign which gets vetoed will need a 2/3rds vote to override the veto so we as a country will never effectively ever again have a budget nor a debt ceiling.

In plain English?  We are dead, the dollar is dead, and the country by way of fiscal, monetary and social bankruptcy is dead.  Effectively we now have unlimited printing by the Fed matched by unlimited borrowing by the Treasury…this has been applauded by the mainstream media and zombie citizens with the chant…USA USA USA!  Like my title alludes, how naive are we?  This has in my mind (and I am sure many foreigners as well) has set (gold, silver and anything real down to a cup of coffee) up for a total moonshot priced in dollars.

No matter what headlines you have read, seen or heard, we basically have thrown in the towel.  This has not been lost on the global financial scene as the dollar has dropped 3% in the 4 trading days after this deal was announced.  Dollars are being sold and for good reason.  We have announced to the world that we will print and borrow as we please (we were already doing this) and said so with no cover whatsoever.  We have said so with a straight face and an attitude of “what are you going to do about it?” We now have nothing to fall back on. We can no longer point to a debt ceiling and say “don’t worry.”  We can no longer “talk” about tapering and be taken seriously, in fact, it is only a matter of time before the calls for expanding QE grace the pages of our most respected financial publications.  This all occurred within 48 hours of the world finding out that we basically hacked and spied on everyone…everywhere.  It didn’t matter who you were; the more important you were the more likely you’ve been eavesdropped on all the way up to presidents of foreign sovereign nations.  We have now completely, totally and thoroughly ticked off the entire world…and we think they will continue demand for the dollar?  How naive are we?