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The national elections are coming up this Tuesday as you all know.  The country is as divided and “fearful” as I have ever seen in my lifetime.  People are scared out of their wits that “the other guy” is going to win and the country will go down the drain.  I have heard several people state that they plan to leave the country if Pres. Obama is re elected, conversely I have read 100’s of Twitter tweets threatening assassination or rioting if Mr. Romney wins.  To heat up the current environment, the attack on Benghazi and what really happened is simmering under the surface and back burnered because of destruction cased by hurricane Sandy.

(As a disclaimer, I am a Libertarian and lean a little left on several social issues)  That said, the American people have become so dumbed down and cannot even see what is about to hit them square between the eyes.  Obama?  Romney?  Who really cares other than the social issues?  And trust me, what is barreling down the tracks is not about social issues, it is about finances and how broken they have become.  This is about the SOLVENCY of this nation.  This is about the SOLVENCY of the entire global banking and financial system.  Mathematically our $16 trillion debt cannot be paid back under a normalized interest rate scenario of say, 5-8%.  Then, when you add in all of the other “guarantees” and “entitlements” you will see the real number is over $100 trillion which cannot be performed upon even in a negative interest rate scenario.  As I see it, the greatest issue of national security is the debt that we’ve built up.  We relied on China and the rest of the world to build this debt, now only the Federal Reserve can soak up the amounts we need to borrow.  We very well could lose WWIII without a single shot being fired and the only “buttons pushed” being those to sell our Treasury bonds into a market where there are no bids and the only buyer is Ben Bernanke.  We have put ourselves in a place where it is not mathematically  possible to escape… period!

It is my belief that the U.S. has been systematically “dismembered” and weakened both financially and socially for the upcoming events.  I believe that the goal of those who first set up, then ran, and ultimately destroyed our banking systems (and sovereign treasuries) want to consolidate power across national borders into either “block currencies” or one world currency.  UN “vote observers” entering the U.S. and attending polling stations would have been unheard of even 10 years ago.  For the most part it is being accepted and I believe just another “drip” to desensitize us of our shrinking sovereignty and liberties.

This election cycle, I had hoped would see the “Tea Party” make further gains in framing what the problems really are.  Not only have they not made any gains, they are really nowhere to be seen as they were during the mid term elections of 2010.  Ron Paul tried and was silenced.  He was “laughed off” as a lunatic fringe Congressman during his years in office while all along he was the lone voice of fiscal sanity.  You can say whatever you would like such as placing me in with the “lunatic fringe,” the record, the fact that we are already broke, speaks for itself and attests to just how correct this fringe element has been.  We have arrived at the exact location that the lunatics have so long predicted, national bankruptcy.  Yet another election cycle has come and will soon be gone and THE biggest problem, THE biggest threat to us as a nation has been given at best only lip service.  If I were a campaign manager, the slogan “It’s the debt stupid!” would surely come to mind.

Yes I know, many will say that this is, and has been, “crying wolf” or that the sky is falling because this is America and it can never happen here.  “It can never happen here,” just like real estate could never fall because it never had before.  Real estate collapsed because of numbers, because of math.  Debt and debt services were too high, rents were not enough to carry properties, we had over building, fraudulent loan practices to allow those who could not qualify to obtain loans, amongst other “mathematical” shortfalls.  The numbers do not lie and the raw numbers for those willing to see, have national bankruptcy written all over them.

While on the subject of numbers, the statistical reporting of our economic numbers has become a complete travesty.  This has been a very long process and one which started as “fudging” and eventually evolved into outright lying.  It goes as far back as the days of Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon.  Unfortunately, the cutting of corners, shaving and spinning the truth is not only reserved for our government.  What passes today as socially acceptable would have resulted in jail time back when I was a little boy.  The financial fraud that has taken place over the last 10-20 years has landed almost no one in jail.  The fact that Jon Corzine not only sees the light of day but regularly fund raises politically is a perfect example,  The moral fabric of this country is being shred to pieces along with our Constitution.  Anyone who lives within their means, believes in liberty, self sufficiency, being fair and truth telling, and above all The Constitution, is now considered “radical.”  There once was a time when these people were considered “patriots”…or just plain old “good people.”

I really do not like to write about politics as it usually serves only to divide.  I am a numbers guy, a person who tries to connect the dots of logic and fill in the blanks to what we are either not being told or lied to about.  I may or may not write further on this subject but suffice it to say, in this election as in many before it you are being offered a “choice” between 2 candidates OF THE “CHOOSING” of those who truly run the show.