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It is rare I am moved to tears, but last week’s 60 Minutes segment about Craig Kielburger’s quest to help millions of children left my entire body – and mind – quivering…

A Worldwide Mission of Kids Helping Kids

When I was 12, all I sought was my next “play date” and the ice cream man.  My priorities have since improved, but no one can fault me for being a kid.  That said, all “kids” are not created equal; and some are better “men” and “women” at age 12 than most in a lifetime.

When Canadian-born Craig Kielburger was 12 years old, he was already aware of the plight of underprivileged and exploited children WORLDWIDE; and not only that, set about to DO SOMETHING about it.  Just 17 years later, his Free the Children and Me to We charities have raised tens of millions of dollars to support global education initiatives, involving an astounding two million volunteers; many of them, children.

When I watched this segment, I thought of the empowerment I experienced watching the TV program Wonderama with Bob McAllister; whose theme song was – of course…

 Kids Are People Too

However, a new word for “extreme empowerment” needs to be invented for Craig Kielburger; who, while still a teenager, was already improving the world.  Be prepared to cry when you watch this; as it may be the MOST INSPIRING STORY I HAVE EVER HEARD!


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