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Over the weekend, “Syria rhetoric” was amped to the nth power; with both Obama and Kerry beating the war drums as loudly as we have heard to date.  The U.S. war push was soundly rebuked at the G-20 meeting by all but the most pathetic, blood-sucking lackeys – like France and Australia, for instance; but nonetheless, the Obama Administration is intent on moving forward with all guns blazing.  China, Russia, and Iran intend to support Assad should the U.S. engage in yet another bloody mission to unseat those we don’t “like” – for unproven reasons.  Yet, that doesn’t appear to be reason enough to call it off.  And thus, tonight (Tuesday), Obama will give a nationally televised speech as to why it is necessary to “surgically” strike Assad in Damascus – just as George W. Bush did regarding Saddam Hussein a decade ago; despite the fact Syria just “agreed” to put its chemical weapons under international control (whatever that means).  And thus, as the Cartel plays its “DLITG” PAPER games this morning – as PHYSICAL COMEX inventories rapidly disappear – how are you going to PREPARE for what’s coming?