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Still shopping for a Christmas, Festivus or holiday present and need ideas?

I got a good one for you.

Especially for little kids.

Stay with me for a second.

In the Presidio neighborhood of San Francisco, there are two little girls who get “treasure” for Christmas each year from their cool Uncle Hunter.

Because of these special Christmas presents, Uncle Hunter is also known as “Silver Claus”.

You see, Uncle Hunter travels all over the world and sends his little nieces ancient artifacts he finds on beaches or at mine sites and even writes his nieces these weird things called “letters” with detailed stories on the bad guys he had to run from or packs of wild wolves he’s encountered on location.

These “letters” have to be placed in a thing called an “envelope” and then “stamped” in order to be delivered to the nieces door by uniformed, government workers.

Then the girls actually have to open the letters and decipher Hunter’s handwriting.

The girls think this is insane.

“Why can’t you just send a text or use Facetime, Uncle Hunter?”

Why are you so silly, they ask.

But now back to the treasure they get each year for Christmas.

Can you guess what they get from good old Uncle Silver Claus?


And they love them.

The key is getting the nieces not just any silver coin, but the silver coins with neat pictures of animals on them like Chinese Panda’s, Australian Kangaroos or American Eagles.

A big hit is this Darth Vader silver coin you can get from Miles Franklin here.

I tell my little nieces to treat these coins like treasure and guard them well because by the time they are Uncle Hunter’s age, they can trade them in and fund some big time kegger parties.

The funny faced silver really makes it fun for the kids and eventually, as their collection builds up and their wisdom develops, you can teach them about why it’s so important to own gold and silver and everything that goes along with it like Austrian Economics.

Maybe have them read Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead”.

Teach them some Krav Maga and how to fire an AR-15, you know, things they will never learn in school, especially in California.

I am nurturing the coolest nieces in the world.

Hopefully they’ll send Uncle Hunter a letter of invitation to said kegger parties one day as well.

Now it may be a little too late to order this silver from your precious metals broker at Miles Franklin and have it delivered by Christmas but I have a solution to that problem too that will make you look even cooler in your gift recipient’s eyes.

Get on Amazon and order a secret book safe like the one here.

It is a safe that looks like a dictionary.

This thing only costs about $10 and is delivered through Amazon Prime.

Everyone I have given it to as a present has loved it and my little nieces keep it in their rooms and use it all of the time.

It really is pretty cool. Put it on your shelf and no one would ever suspect it was a safe.

The secret safe along with some funny faced silver will help you create your own legend of Silver Claus or at least make you look cool and wise.

So order that secret silver safe up now and ship it out if you’re struggling with gift ideas.

Don’t forget the silver though!

Call Miles Franklin at 1-800-822-8080 and get some silver to send or swap some of your gold for silver. It may not get there in time for Christmas, but you can give it as a New Years present.

Any time is a good time for silver and according to Silver Claus, now is an especially good time to buy silver or swap some of your gold for silver because the Silver Clause is still in effect.

The Silver Claus’s “silver clause” goes into effect whenever the gold silver ratio goes above eighty because this happens to be one of the best technical indicators for buying silver. The gold silver ratio indicates the amount of silver ounces it takes to buy one ounce of gold. We are currently around an 85-1 ratio which is near historic highs. For a more in depth look into this historically accurate trading indicator, read The Great Gold Silver Swap of 2018.

The Miles Franklin team are experts at gold silver swaps. Take advantage of them.

Maybe this holiday season it is time for you to join me and spread the Legend of Silver Claus. Start your own tradition of being Silver Claus. Give the gift of silver and never forget to enforce Silver Claus’s silver clause.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hunter Riley III
Chicago, IL 2018

PS…..If you’re feeling like an extra jolly Silver Claus, in addition to funny faced silver and a secret safe, you can get your gift target a copy of my best selling book, “Stack Silver Get Gold” on Amazon too.