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Let me get this straight, the Fed announced QE 4EVA and the bank of Japan gets a mandate to print other countless trillions (because their people voted for it) and Gold goes down?  Not only does it go “down,” we have had 27 out of 29 trading days where the COMEX opens and an immediate “flush” of selling hits the market… Presumably because of “tax selling,” “raising liquidity,” “risk on, risk off,” “fear” or whatever else mainstream media wants to shove down your throats as an explanation.  In fact, this is nothing more than a planned and executed operation to show you one thing and one thing only.

Paper… good and Gold… bad.  Period, end of story.  The central banks absolutely must scare you out of Gold to “show” you that when you are scared, Gold is NOT the place to hide as a financial refugee.  They must “show” you that their product that costs virtually zero to produce… has value.  They must “show” you that their product is THE place to hide.  They must “show” you through “proof” that black is white, up is down and that wrong is right.

THIS is the last piece of chewing gum holding the entire system together.  The only way for the charade to continue is to keep the “confidence” in freely printed and created paper.  This is akin to “badmouthing” your competition.  Which works… for a spell until the real race begins.  This is like lining up Secretariat and a mule at the starting line and stating that Secretariat has a broken leg and is colicking through photo shopped pictures.  All the while telling you “go ahead and place your bets.”  Even though you see the super horse in his stall snorting fire on a cold morning, bucking and rearing while the mares walk by… you are expected to believe that he will fall down and die at the starting gate!  He will not.

The entire last month has been for your “consumption.”  The entire last month has been a demonstration to get you off of the train before it leaves the station.  A “reset” is carved in stone, they know it and you know it.  “They” want as few investors “in place” before the reset as is possible because they want as many “serfs” as possible to command in the upcoming system.  Once the mark up  occurs, Gold will no longer be within the realm of purchase for the average person.  It will be priced where ONLY institutions will be able to afford to purchase any.

This “mark up” of Gold is THE only way to recapitalize the central banks and thus the banking system.  It was so back in the 1930’s and is so today.  However, the insolvency and necessity to do so today is multiples exponentially than what it was in the 1930’s.  The big difference today is that very few have any Gold whereas back then almost everyone had Gold because it was coin, it was currency and the common man had it.  Now, very few have any and the the ones who do must be scared into getting rid of it.  DO NOT allow yourself to be fooled into giving up THE only insurance that has the ability to protect your family from debt slavery and hunger!

The current scenario where Gold is sold off in panicky fashion amidst the 2 largest central banks and their treasuries(debtors) announcing further gross debasement of their currencies could not have been scripted by a science fiction writer.  There is no economist, banker or even 3rd grader that could have heard 2 months ago that the greatest “official” debasement and BANKRUPTCY in history could/would be announced and Gold react with daily sell offs.  It was not possible and is not possible.  What you are being offered here is a better “sale price” in relation to paper currencies than when you could have purchased Gold for $250 back in the year 2000.  Know this and understand this because it is the truth.

I know that the above statement may sound “grandiose,” it is not.  All you need to do is look at a chart of Gold in the Weimar experience or more recently Zimbabwe.  When the house of cards comes down ANY Gold price is possible.  This statement will be shown to be correct and the house of financial cards will come down unlike any before.  Do not be scared by this current “operation,” your entire financial life depends on it right here and now!