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I thought about choosing a topic to write about today and decided that the downing of the Malaysia Airlines plane needs to be discussed because it is being thrown around like a political football. Before beginning to write, I received an e-mail from my mentor in which he said “It is obvious that we are on a manufactured collision course with destiny” which I unfortunately think is 100% correct. I will explain the quote later, first let’s look at the tragic “political football”.
Zero Hedge has written several pieces on the airline missile strike, the latest missive is here http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-07-21/russia-says-has-photos-ukraine-deploying-buk-missiles-east-rader-proof-warplanes-mh1 . Please read this because some very interesting points are brought forth. In this, Russia claims to have photos of the Ukrainians deploying their BUK missiles in the eastern part of the country. If this is true, what will happen to global sentiment towards the Ukraine and thus their sponsor the U.S.?
I have had several questions myself along the way where the answers could be very ugly to me (as an American). I first wondered how we knew for sure who pulled the trigger on the missiles within minutes of the plane coming down. I wondered whether the Russian separatists even had any missiles that could down a plane at 33,000 feet since shoulder mounted versions apparently don’t have this type of range. I also wondered how it is possible that “we” don’t have radar tracks or photos of the missiles being launched as we have the technology and satellite ability to decipher whether you had a flour or rather corn tortilla with breakfast this morning.
There have been other alleged “oddities” so to speak such as President Putin’s plane may have followed the same path as the Malaysian Airlines flight did less than 30 minutes later. Also there have been reports that the Malaysian flight’s path was diverted to go north of Donetsk and that possibly 2 Ukrainian fighters were close by or “marking” the flight. These are all speculations and fall into the category of “conspiracy theory” until being proven conspiracy fact.
The West’s press has whipped up anti Russian sentiment into a frenzy and Russia has responded by asking 10 very good, logical and pertinent questions of the West that may or may not be answered. I guess the simplest question of all would be “why are any civilian flights routed here in the first place”? In any case, we have to await answers from the Ukraine and U.S., hopefully they will not defy logic, be embarrassing or answered with a simple “because”.
Here is how I see it and I will lead toward the quote “It is obvious that we are on a manufactured collision course with destiny”. We, the U.S. are the ones desperately looking for some sort of military action …somewhere. We tried in Syria late last year and I’m afraid that this is what we are doing in the Ukraine. As I see it, both China and Russia know and see this. It is my opinion that it is known that the dollar and debt based system is doomed and cannot be reflated again. Wars generally help “reflation” but this time I think it’s different because there is no collateral left to reflate upon. I think that those “running the show” are in need of something to point at so they can say “our policies were working and would have worked were it not for this war”.
I know that my viewpoint may not be a popular one but I have come to these conclusions because current policy in the U.S. could not have come from or been formed by sane people with America’s best interests at heart. I believe that the U.S. had to be “gutted” so to speak if the “one world order” had any chance of succeeding. The problem now is that China, Russia and the rest of the world are in the process of isolating the U.S. because of our radical policies, deeds and business practices. I don’t believe that they have any interest in a “one world order”. It is also my opinion that the rest of the world is very fearful of what the U.S. might do with our nuclear arsenal. Excellent thought and reading on this topic can be read at Paul Craig Roberts website where he fears the same, the U.S. pushing the world into or even starting a nuclear war.
The above said, I believe that China, Russia et al have the ability to pull the plug on the U.S. any time that they’d like. They are the creditors, we are the debtors. They have a banking system and clearing facilities in place so that soon they will no longer “need” us. They have set up markets, trade deals, swaps and credit lines all over the world. It is my opinion that Russia and China would far rather let the West’s financial system tip over and implode on its own rather than “pushing it”. I believe that they are very fearful of a world war and are doing what they can to stay refrained from starting anything but have been preparing for what is probably inevitable.
As I recently showed you, gold is coiled and ready to spring. Whether the cause is global war, a financial collapse or any other number of combinations, gold is set to move higher. Will it be market based or an “official” mark up? It does not matter, what does matter is that the chart is saying that here and now (or VERY soon) gold is going to a much higher level. Another way to look at chart is that something “very bad” is about to take place. Take your pick what it is or where, the bottom line is that we as Americans have lived far beyond our means for as many years as I have been on Earth. Payback is surely coming as it always and inevitably does, “payback” won’t be pleasant. By the way, “payback” could be defined as a “destiny” and it’s looking like ours is being planned and playing out from both outside and within.

Regards, Bill Holter