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Last week, I wrote an entire article about lying, invoking the name of history’s most infamous liar, Joseph Goebbels.  Come to think of it, it was the second such article in a month, following September’s “who are worse liars, politicians or Central bankers?

The reason being, that the pace of global economic collapse has accelerated so rapidly (see this morning’s horrific U.S. industrial production report, restaurant performance index, and heavy duty truck orders), that the powers that be’s’ efforts to preserve the dying status quo – that benefits less than 1% of the world’s population, at the expense of all others – have resorted to lies, fraud, manipulation, and propaganda so severe, and perverse, even Goebbels would blanche.  And likely, marvel at how much communication and market rigging technologies have advanced in seven decades, to the point that practically nothing is unachievable.  At least in the short-term, until “Economic Mother Nature” eventually wins, as she always does.

In it, I opined that “even the smallest lie often leads to far greater evils,” so you can imagine the trouble that will result from today’s unprecedentedly large ones.  Like, for instance, history’s largest, most destructive fiat currency Ponzi scheme; which necessitates exponential expansion of the lie that your purchasing power will return.  Until, of course, all purchasing power is gone, as occurred in all fiat Ponzi schemes throughout history.  However, never have they all collapsed simultaneously, which is exactly what we are headed for, in rapid fashion.

To that end, the “every day worse than the last” manipulation mantra I uttered more than a decade ago has officially gone parabolic – shortly, to graduate to the lying equivalent of a ninth degree black belt.  Or, more appropriately, the seventh level of hell, as the trapped rats that are said “powers that be” resort to unprecedented fraud in their desperate efforts to kick the can those last few inches

Frankly, it’s hard to believe Precious Metals are the year’s best performing asset – in nearly all currencies – given how maniacal the Cartel has been in its vicious, blatantly obvious, 24/7 attempts to hold prices down amidst the most “PM-bullish, everything-else-bearish” news flow of our lifetimes.  Which I assure you, are about to get a lot more so.  Such as last night’s 160th “Sunday Night Sentiment” raid of the past 166 weekends, and this morning’s follow ups – at what do you know, the time honored “key attack times” of the 8:20 AM COMEX open, the 10:00 AM EST physical market close, and the 12:00 PM “cap of last resort” – as the horrific global political and economic news flow accelerates to a torrent.


I’ll get to the incredible Deutsche Bank saga shortly, as it’s clearly the most likely flash point for the political, economic, and monetary implosion that frankly, I cannot see being avoided by the end of this year.  However, the bigger – and far more terrifying – concept of war is what is dominating my thoughts, regarding not just currencies and trade, but the desperate attempt to maintain power by those with the most to lose; and to garner it by those most able to exploit the world’s rapidly exploding ills.

Politically, all is nearly all lost – as no matter what the powers that be attempt, the world will be a far different scarier place a year from now.  New leadership has already been secured in the UK, which officially announced its BrExit plan this morning.  And later this year, the same will occur in Italy, and very likely in the U.S. as well; followed by France, Spain, and Germany next year, to name but a few; all of whom aim to either destroy the hell that has been created, or create a new one, purposefully or inadvertently.  I mean, think about it.  What could possibly come of the U.S. cutting off military diplomacy with Russia in Syria, whilst accusing it of humanitarian atrocities?  Or Congress passing the JASTA bill, enabling Americans to directly sue Saudi Arabia…forcing our only Arab ally – and the gatekeeper to the “petrodollar” standard – to openly discuss its role in 9/11?

Here in the States, with each passing day I am more convinced that November 8th will represent a cataclysmic event in U.S. history – by my words, “BrExit times ten,” given that seemingly everyone believes Hillary Clinton will win, despite polls claiming otherwise.  And more importantly, the increasingly obvious shift in the political zeitgeist.  Frankly, it’s almost surreal to watch the mainstream media relentlessly attack every move Trump makes – most of it, pure propaganda; whilst allowing Clinton to rape, destroy, and pillage American citizens, and the world at large, without a peep.  Hopefully, Julian Assange’s much anticipated WikiLeaks release tomorrow in fact destroys her Presidential campaign – as he strongly believes will be the case.  But if not, I assure you something else will; as in my view, no Presidential candidate has been more universally despised than Hillary Clinton.

Economically, possibly the three biggest economic lies I have ever seen – which is saying a lot – have occurred in the last three trading days, starting with Wells Fargo’s blatant lying to thousands of clients – which by the way, Morgan Stanley was also accused of this morning.  Next, the complete and utter fabrication that is the “OPEC production freeze.”  Which I assure you, will be seen through by the time its planned “ratification” on November 30th arrives.  Don’t believe me?  Than pray tell, why did the Saudi stock market close today at essentially its lowest level since early 2009; i.e., oil’s low print from the great financial crisis.  And why did Zero Hedge just post an article titled “what OPEC ‘production cut’:  Iran, Libya to boost production.”


Then there’s Deutsche Bank, the “Lehman of 2016” and “world’s most systematically dangerous institution,” that is unquestionably on the “verge of collapse.”  Honestly, nothing I have ever seen – from Enron, to Worldcom, Bear Stearns, AIG, Fannie Mae, and Lehman – holds a candle to the depth of fraud, deception, and flat-out war its imminent bankruptcy is bringing to light, to the point that I’m having trouble putting it words.  Put it this way, what we saw on Friday (always Fridays!), of a fabrication so blindingly ridiculous, it made the OPEC ‘production cut’ appear rational, takes the cake as the biggest financial lie ever told.  Which fortunately, is already being called out – as frankly, my anger level regarding all things Deutsche Bank-related is reaching levels previously reached by only a precious few, like Hillary Clinton.

Last year, the “Deutsche Bank War” erupted when it announced massive, multi-billion losses, far more disproportionate than its peers.  Clearly, its immense leverage and gargantuan, toxic derivatives book were starting to erode it from the inside.  And when DB started offering 5% Certificates of Deposit this Spring, and openly criticizing the ECB of destroying its business with negative interest rates, the writing was clearly on the wall that something very, very big was going down.

During late June’s post-BrExit swoon, the stock hit a new all-time low of $12.49/share; and rapidly approached that level when two weeks ago, the U.S. Department of Justice, despite being amidst similar investigations with numerous banks, chose to single out Deutsche Bank, and fine it $14 billion (against expectations of $2-$3 billion) for mortgage-related fraud prior to the 2008 financial crisis.  Which, it turns out, was exactly the amount the EU fined Apple for “tax evasion” last month.  Only in this case, the U.S. picked on the weakest – and most “systematically dangerous,” according to the U.S.-led IMF – institution in Europe; as opposed to Apple, quite obviously America’s strongest company.  Better yet, a week later, the DOJ went after Volkswagen – one of Germany’s largest employers – claiming it aims to fine it as much as possible without putting it out of business.  And this morning, my prior observation of the DOJ’s agenda was validated by the head of the German Parliament’s Economics Committee, who suggested the U.S. was indeed engaging in economic war; and not to mention, extortion.

In doing so, the price of DB sliced through said all-time low, falling as low as $11.22/share last Thursday, when word emerged that numerous high profile hedge funds were pulling their excess cash out – leaving the world one day from imploding, as if DB’s stock crash continued Friday, ahead of a three-day German weekend, there’s a good chance markets would not have opened today.

Which is precisely why the most inane rumor ever was concocted, based on a TWITTER post, by the FRENCH press, that the GERMAN company Deutsche Bank was on the verge of signing off on a “mere” $5.4 billion settlement with the AMERICAN government.  Which aside from the fact that the concept of such an announcement being leaked to the French press, and posted only on Twitter, being utterly ridiculous, wouldn’t even be “good news” if it were true.  I mean, is it me who’s nuts, or did essentially every major Wall Street bank, upon hearing of the DOJ’s $14 billion fine announcement two weeks ago, opine that even a $3-$4 billion fine would be enough to wipe out most of DB’s capital?  Let alone, $5.4 billion, if it were true!

Either way, this blatant lie was put out, with accompanying PPT “cover,” to make sure DB’s stock turned around prior to the weekend, despite it being so Goebbels-esque in nature.  And “save” it most certainly did, for one day at least – as the mother of all short covering rallies was piggy-backed onto the PPT’s relentless buying, causing the price to rise back to $13.09 by day’s end.

The only problem is, that like OPEC’s “production freeze,” it was likely to be found out, and quickly.  And in this case, it also invited a new phase of economic warfare; as over the weekend, embattled Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who unquestionably will be forced to resign by year-end – once his pet Constitutional Reform referendum is defeated – used Deutsche Bank’s weakness to not only attack the European Union (as revenge for it patronizing Italy regarding the poor state of its banking system); but to further his own political agenda (by “standing up for Italy’s rights”); and seek a scapegoat for the equally imminent collapse of Italy’s third largest bank, Banke Monte Paschi.  By thus, accusing Deutsche Bank of, for all intents and purposes, fraudulently hiding Monte Paschi’s losses – as Goldman Sachs did with the nation of Greece, going all the way back to the 2009 financial crisis.  In other words, kicking them when they’re down, by making it more difficult to negotiate a DOJ settlement; and by proxy, dramatically increase the odds of Standard & Poor’s imminently reducing DB’s credit rating to junk status.

That said, the bigger bombshell occurred (last Sunday night), when it was reported that not only was there no DOJ settlement, but Deutsche Bank executives hadn’t yet even met with DOJ officials to discuss it.  In other words, it took a mere two days for the biggest economic lie ever told to be refuted.  Which, per my initial quote regarding the ramifications of lies, made the situation that much worse, now that the Bank Monte Paschi-related lawsuit has been thrust onto the scene.  Which is probably why Deutsche Bank bankruptcy-related credit default swaps hit an all-time high this morning; in turn, revealing just how maniacal the PPT has become, given that as I write, DB stock is down just $0.30, after rising $1.60 on Friday.  Oh well, as they say, the bigger they come, the harder they fall.  Oh, and did I mention that over the weekend, many of Deutsche Bank’s ATM’s “coincidentally” wouldn’t dispense cash, due to what company executives are deeming an “IT glitch?”  Or that the Deutsche Bank corporate yield bond curve inverted?  Or that U.S. repo market cash funding rates just soared to the highest levels since the 2008-09 crisis?  But don’t worry, what could possibly go wrong?  After all, I kid you not, Jim Cramer just told listeners to buy DB stock.


Frankly, the only TRUTHs I see from today’s soon-to-be serially discredited and deposed officialdom are those telling you, right to your face, of the horrors they are about to impose on your financial status – like the UK government proposal to reduce pension benefits; and major Central bankers speaking of upcoming bailouts, bail-ins, negative interest rates, and equity monetizations.  Including, in just the past week alone, America’s “big three” dollar destructionists – Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen, and Larry Summers.

OK, that’s enough for now – as my anger is at the boiling point, and my daily three-page limit getting harder and harder to meet.  Other than to scream, at the top of my lungs, for you to PROTECT YOURSELF, and DO IT NOW, as the global wars are raging – politically, economically, and socially.  Shortly, to conflate into an unprecedented monetary inferno.