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QUOTE: The worst evils which mankind has ever had to endure were inflicted by bad governments. –Ludwig von Mises

I am an optimist, I always have been. But as I look to the future, I see less to be optimistic about. I see my friends, a middle class being decimated by inflation and taxes. I see more and more people out of work, as more and more firms outsource production to overseas sites. And once laid off, those workers usually have to settle for jobs that pay less than the job they lost. I see most families loaded with debt, with very little in the way of savings. While at the same time banksters (Gangster in a 3 piece suit) like Goldman Sachs, and the other Wall Street vampires bleed dry the treasury and the American public, while receiving bonus checks larger than most Americans will make in a lifetime

I see a housing situation deteriorating even further as inventories of homes for sale continue to make new record highs. Heaven forbid interest rates should rise!

I see our once great country as a shell of what it used to be, $15+ trillion dollars in debt, and run by politicians on both sides of the aisle that make me sick.

Ultimately, I see a massive dollar inflation being the by-product of massive dollar devaluation. And when it all boils down, this is the real problem!

Sadly, I see a future where my 3 children will not have a better life than I have had. I sure hope I am wrong, and I sure hope I have not entirely lost my ability to be optimistic.

This is why I will be casting my vote for Dr. Ron Paul! Just 3 years ago, both the Republican and Democratic establishment laughed and scorned his presidential candidacy. He is a conservative libertarian, or paleo-libertarian. Usually libertarians don’t care how other people live. But paleo-libertarians believe that leaving people alone is actively good for them, a movement that says people should do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. That sounds great doesn’t it?

Dr. Paul came within nine tenths of a percentage of winning Saturday’s Iowa straw poll, yet was featured in hardly any of the political coverage. So lame was the coverage by the mainstream news that CNN refused to cover Ron Paul’s speech in preference for footage of Sarah Palin. The show’s host told his roving reporter, “If you get video of Sarah Palin or a sound-bite from her, bring that back to us. You can hold the Ron Paul stuff.”

Ron Paul is a serious candidate with a real constituency, a twelve-term congressman who ran for the Presidency twice (as a Libertarian and a Republican). He is a doctor, a veteran and a fine public speaker and someone worth casting your vote for. That is unless you like the path we are on?