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It’s seldom I can incorporate my mother into RANTS.  However, when considering last month’s FOMC meeting – wherein, they “pondered” ending QE, but ultimately voted 11-1 to stay the course – the first thing that came to mind was an “adage” my mom used when she wanted to shut me up; i.e., “MAYBE MEANS NO.”

Whether I wanted a ride to my girlfriend’s house, a new pair of jeans, or a chocolate bar; the best way she knew to “put me off” without outright refusing was to simply say “maybe.”  It frustrated me to no end; but eventually, I felt solace in the hope maybe might mean “yes”; perhaps, with a probability of up to 50%.

Unfortunately for the both of us, I eventually figured out “MAYBE MEANS NO”; and thus, whenever she said “maybe,” I knew I wasn’t getting what I wanted.  Sort of like what the Gold Cartel will shortly learn; when they can no longer get away with attacking PAPER PM s every time Helicopter Ben speaks…

Gold Drops for Fourth Session amid Concern U.S. May End Stimulus – February 19, 2013

…even when such innuendo has no basis…

Bernanke reiterates commitment to record easing – February 18, 2013

Given that…

The gaping budget deficit was NOT resolved by the “fiscal cliff”;

Next month, Congress will either dramatically increase the “debt ceiling” or declare a “DEBT CEILING TO INFINITY”;

The GLOBAL economy continues to worsen;

THE FINAL CURRENCY WAR” has been declared;

The U.S. economic recovery is ENTIRELY dependent on low interest rates;

…as is Wall Street’s SOLVENCY – care of the interest rate swaps they utilized to hold rates down; and the Fed’s balance sheet itself, care of the “DURATION TRAP” it created…

…there is simply NO WAY the intermittent “maybes” put out as straw men by scheming Fed governors can EVER mean “yes”…

Fed’s Williams:  May start tapering QE this summer

Instead, follow the BIG KAHUNA himself…

QE4 Is Here: Bernanke Delivers $85B-A-Month – December 12, 2012

…who hasn’t even “hinted” at an end to QE…

Fed Reiterates Policy, Stays the Course – March 20, 2013

…and realize that until the dollar inevitably collapses; thus, making monetary policy moot; any time the question of whether or not QE will be ended is asked – “MAYBE MEANS NO!”


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