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Heading into what could be extremely turbulent times in the economy, financial markets, and society in general, we want to make sure clients and potential clients realize Miles Franklin has multiple options for purchasing precious metals when the “office is closed.”

From Monday through Friday, our brokers are in the office bright and early until the day’s trading is through.  However, we also have the capability of locking in prices until 9:00 PM Central Standard Time, seven days a week.  To that end, the office always has at least one “on-call” broker during evenings and weekends.  To reach the on-call broker, simply dial the main line at 800-822-8080 and follow the prompt to reach our after-hours broker.  Furthermore, if you expect to make such orders regularly, most brokers are happy to give out personal cell phone numbers.

Moreover, Miles Franklin has been one of the leading eBay precious metal dealers for five years, including number one in the $20,000+ sale category.  Prices are typically slightly higher on eBay due to the site’s auction fees, but not high enough to offset the benefit of being able to lock in orders on a 24/7 basis.  Below is our eBay page, which we encourage you to peruse.


Speaking from more than two decades of experience, we are well aware that many PM owners – and potential owners – are fearful of sudden economic or geopolitical changes significantly affecting prices and availability.  Such events are often “unscheduled”; and thus, Miles Franklin goes to great length to ensure your ability to transact at any time, seven days a week.

If you have any questions about our “after-hours precious metal ordering options,” feel free to call anytime at 800-822-8080.  Or alternatively, I am always available to answer your emails at [email protected].