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The scandal du jour in Britain regarding the Li(e)bor “fix” is actually becoming a serious event and much to my surprise, not being swept under the rug.  Here in the States, what else could you expect?  The SEC, CFTC or justice department taking “stringent action”?  No, not even a peep, just like the “Silver investigation” that is now 4 years in the making.  Here is a CNBC clip that is a MUST WATCH where Chris Whalen is being interviewed by Andrew Sorkin and Michelle Caruso.  The must watch part appears at 9 min. 26 seconds into the clip where Sorkin and Caruso basically take for granted that Silver is manipulated.

CNBC – Chris Whalen Interviewed by Andrew Sorkin & Michelle Caruso

Before I go any further, I want to say that it is only a matter of time before the average investor begins to connect all of the dots that the entire system is rigged and a complete fraud.  The Li(e)bor revelations are getting some press and yardage in Britain, as well they should.  But, what people are missing was that the attitude amongst the players and even the press is, “everyone was doing it and everyone knew about it” which is where Whalen and Caruso have arrived and included the Silver market, “everyone knows about it”.  Do you see where I am going with this?

EVERYONE does know that “something just ain’t right” but they can’t put their finger directly on it.  The “risk” (eventual certainty) is that more and more investors DO connect the dots because as the other guest in this clip says, “everything today is based on confidence”, which is certainly correct.  This is like a rigged poker game, shell game or whatever, once the “mark” connects the dots, he simply stops playing!  This is exactly what has been happening in the real world, equity volumes have plummeted as investors, one by one, have connected the dots and gone away licking their wounds.  I might add, probably never to return!  It is also the reason that physical demand of precious metals on a global basis has taken supply off the market, buy it, get it delivered and stop playing the game.

This “thing” that everyone knows about engulfs literally everything financial on the planet which is why it is so dangerous as more and more finally figure it out.  Li(e)bor for example affects in one way or another $500 Trillion worth of interest rate derivatives, this amounts to better than 30 times the size of the U.S. economy in it’s entirety, simply ginormous.  Then the dots of equity market and commodity manipulations start to get connected etc. etc., clearly the word “conspiracy” and “truth” are in the process of being slowly joined at the hip wherever you look.  The “conspiracy theorists” of yesteryear that were laughed off and considered pariahs are now being PROVEN CORRECT on a regular basis.

What I am trying to get at here is that the old tactic of “dismissing out of hand” what seemed to be wild speculations of conspiracy just won’t work any longer.  This strategy won’t work because the “lies” have come too often and gotten TOO BIG to be believable any longer.  The “dots” in other words have gotten too obvious and thus, very easy for those of even below average intelligence to connect!  In fact, the only place that the current mainstream media, Washington and Wall Street “stories” could be correct, is somewhere in the “Twilight Zone”.  Life in the real world is now substantiating the “tin foil hat” community while the “official” policy line is becoming “too hard to believe”.  (What a difference 10 years has made!)

Wrapping this up, “this is not 2008 any longer” and the “con” that was undertaken back then (and since) will not work again nor for much longer timewise.  Back then, we were all assured that the “government will never let it happen” when the topic of collapse came up.  Fast forward 4 years, governments themselves are collapsing and are a central part of the problem, there are no longer any “White Knights” that can ride in and save the day.  The “truth” has been stretched too far by the policymakers and the real world is now simply called “play by play” on a daily basis by those past branded “conspiracy theorists”.  Very dangerous to say the least even in times when “money” itself was real, now, as global currencies are all fiat, the risk of a total global currency meltdown is growing daily and has become a mathematical certainty at some point.

By the way, you can describe a “currency meltdown” in many different ways, I prefer to describe it as Gold and Silver going on a moonshot, never again to re enter the atmosphere.  Buy what you can now because Gold and Silver will go “no offer” and become unattainable at any price or any quantity of fraudulent fiat monopoly money!