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Long-time readers know that within the bullion industry, I am perhaps the only Bitcoin advocate; because, as a student of monetary history, I recognize that, aside from Precious Metals – which have proven their ability to preserve wealth for millennia – Bitcoin is the only other asset class holding similar potential.  That said, it has been around for less than a decade – sporting not only significant monetary acceptance hurdles, but technological challenges.  Thus, its risk/reward profile is materially different.  Therefore, I hold most my savings in physical gold and silver, and a lesser amount in Bitcoin; all of which, I intend to hold indefinitely, given the world’s terrifying fiat currency outlook.

In my view, Precious Metals and Bitcoin are complementary assets, as discussed in my bellwether May 2016 article, “Precious Metals and Bitcoin, Twin Destroyers of the Fiat Regime.”  Together, they are fighting the same, imminently winnable war against history’s largest, most destructive, and rapidly imploding fiat Ponzi scheme.  To that end, I believe Bitcoin’s monetary resurgence may well distract governments’ attention from their relentless Precious Metal suppression – forcing them to shift the bulk of their “manipulative firepower” toward the amorphous, decentralized Bitcoin market; which ultimately, will make them appear like Don Quixote, endlessly flailing at windmills.  Hence, the premise of December’s equally must read article, “why Bitcoin will make gold and silver go up.”

Miles Franklin has for some time been working towards the operational goal of accepting Bitcoin as payment for physical Precious Metals.  Which, thanks to the hard work of numerous people within our organization, and supply chain, I am proud to announce is available, as of today!

Currently, Bitcoin is only available as an on-line method of payment.  Active clients who are set up on our Shopping Cart, will now see during Step 4, four alternative payment methods:  ACH; Check; Bank Wire; and now, Bitcoin.  Procedurally, it couldn’t be easier.  Simply place your order online.  After the purchase price is locked in, a “Pay with Bitcoin” widget appears underneath the order details; in which, the customer is provided a unique wallet ID to send the Bitcoin to, and a QR code for easy payment via smartphone wallet apps.  Subsequently, the purchase price is “locked in” by BitPay – the pre-eminent Bitcoin payment processor – for 15 minutes.  If the customer does not pay within the 15 minutes, the amount of Bitcoin owed – based on the fluctuating Bitcoin price – is re-based by refreshing the widget.  The only additional cost, relative to a non-Bitcoin Precious Metal purchase is the 1% fee BitPay charges for all transactions, which is subsequently passed on to the customer.

For non-active potential clients that wish to shop on-line, please follow this simple process:

  1. Register on line; locate any product; and under the product, click “Become a Client”
  2. Activate your account placing your first order (by check, wire, ACH) over the phone, by calling Miles Franklin’s Precious Metal Specialists at 800-822-8080
  3. Once funds clear and your first order ships, call your Specialist to active your on-line access
  4. Place your next order on-line

In my view, the market for safe-haven, wealth-protecting asset classes will grow exponentially in the coming years.  Traditionally, physical gold and silver – and to a lesser extent, platinum – have been the only financial assets affording such protection; which in my view, will prove more valuable than ever in the coming years, when the Cartel that has been suppressing them is inevitably overwhelmed by surging physical demand.  That said, Bitcoin is rapidly becoming an alternative wealth-preserving asset to be reckoned with; albeit with, as noted above, a distinctly unique risk/reward profile – which Miles Franklin, as a firm, has no investment opinion about.

To that end, just as there are countless situations in which rebalancing, diversifying, and/or tax optimizing transactions amongst the various Precious Metals are appropriate, I foresee future opportunities to make “swaps” between gold, silver, and Bitcoin.  And now that Miles Franklin accepts Bitcoin as payment, this process will be significantly easier for clients.  To that end, please call us at 800-822-8080 if you have any questions, or email me at [email protected].