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I have been writing publicly since 2003 – initially to a personal email list, and expanding to the GATA website circa 2005; then via Baby Bulls while working with Torrey Hills Capital, and now, at my final calling  – Miles Franklin.  The focus and format have changed over time, but one thing was always consistent – the RANTING.  In fact, my moniker was coined by Bill Murphy roughly five years ago, more for the manic emails we exchanged PRIVATELY than the toned-down content on the website.

The central theme of my writings has always been the same – educating of the dangers of a COLLAPSING global economy, and HYPERINFLATING fiat currencies.  Over my “TEN YEARS OF HEAVEN AND HELL,” I have converted many to the religion of reality, although millions more need to “enlist” in the remaining time before the END GAME commences.

Thus, I feel truly blessed to have come across David Schectman last year.  In my personal bullion buying spree of 2008-2011, I was well aware of “Miles Franklin” via eBay, but due to chance, had never purchased from them.  David came across my writings via GATA, and when he called last summer – at the prompting of “Mel,” a reader whose inquiries are often seen in my Mailbox – it felt like destiny knocking on my door.

Like me, David believes strongly in the virtues of REAL MONEY – and vices of FIAT CURRENCY – himself educating the public, in like manner, for many years.  In fact, his vision for differentiating Miles Franklin – aside from strong customer service and competitive pricing – was devoting resources to free education about the firm’s products.  Given how little information is available in a world brainwashed by four decades of fiat PROPAGANDA, it’s VERY difficult to find the “good, smart people,” and bring their sage analysis – and advice – to the public.  David and I are equally able in this manner, and in time, have become leaders ourselves in the “crusade to protect.”

As it turns out, David’s son Andy Schectman – who started with the firm a year after its inception in 1990, and now serves as its President and fearsome leader – is just as knowledgeable on such topics, and perhaps the best speaker of us all.  Add to the mix Bill Holter – an idol of mine since joining the “GATA Army” circa 2003 – and you have, bar none, the finest PM communications team in the industry.  Frankly, the only other North American organizations in our league are Sprott Global Resources and Casey Research – two long-time Miles Franklin allies.

But aside from our “general and administrative” functions, Miles Franklin has “profit centers” as well.  The bullion industry is highly competitive, so even top notch customer service, competitive pricing, and a litany of daily educational materials are not necessarily enough to build market share.  Thus, we have in the past year re-created ourselves as a “PROTECTION PROVIDER,” of sorts.  We want clients – and potential clients – to realize our organization is here to help them preserve their net worth, via diverse options appropriate to each individual’s personal situation.

Everyone can sell coins, and we are one of the nation’s largest purveyors of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bars and rounds, deliverable to most nations worldwide.  However, not everyone offers diverse storage options, as we now do in the U.S., Canada, Switzerland, and Hong Kong.  More details of the Hong Kong and Switzerland storage programs (utilizing Via Mat) will be available shortly – as we finalize the details of our re-engagement with BFI Consulting of Switzerland, one of the world’s leading providers of Swiss Annuities, Managed Accounts, and Precious Metals storage options.  As for Canada, our International Precious Metal Storage program in Montreal has been a MAJOR success thus far, with significant uptake from dozens of clients in numerous countries.  We doubt any competing Canadian storage program offers both fixed (per ounce) pricing and quarterly audits (by senior Miles Franklin officers).

Regarding BFI Consulting, these “good, smart people” are the same individuals Miles Franklin partnered with in the 1990s, when its specialty was Swiss Annuities and Managed Accounts.  We abandoned that business circa 2000 – when the PM bull market commenced – but are re-entering the field given growing GLOBAL demand for “wealth protection solutions.”  Andy and David have been selling such products for the past two decades, and shortly our entire staff will be equally proficient.  We are the nation’s ONLY bullion dealer offering Swiss Annuities and Managed Accounts, and BFI’s sole U.S. partner.  In the coming months, I will provide more information about these products on this blog, as will Miles Franklin and BFI via marketing materials, webinars, and conferences.

Irrespective of your personal preference for how to prepare for the coming FINANCIAL ARMAGEDDON, please consider the various alternatives offered by Miles Franklin – and certainly, join our FREE daily email distributions of industry-related content from David Schectman, Bill Holter, and myself. You can use the newsletter sign up box on the menu on the right.

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