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Q:  James Rickards has stated in a number of interviews that the centralbanks will fail within the next few years.  He also predicts that SDRs will then be used for world commerce.  Whether central banks or theWorld Bank aren’t we talking about the same group of snakes controllingthe money?

David Schectman’s Answer:

Richards believes in the “One World Government” movement.  They are there, hiding in plain sight and you can read about them yourself.  Check out CFR, Bilderbergers and Trilateral Commission.  You are correct; they all are part of the “elite” who wish to control the world.  Personally, I don’t believe we will see the end of the central banks.  There are too many high benefit, high salary jobs at stake.  People in power don’t easily relinquish it.  If SDR’s come into play, the dollar, as the world’s reserve currency, will be dead!  We have been warning our readers for a long time that the end of the dollar, as the currency that is used globally as a means of settlement is coming to an end.  I suppose if the dollar goes, there isn’t much need for a Federal Reserve, but we shall see.

So much to worry about these days – Ebola (will it become a global pandemic?); another war in the Middle East (ISIL?); With Europe already in recession, will the U.S. (officially) follow suit?  And will the stock market collapse?  Worrying about whether the central banks or the World Bank controls the money is not at the top of my list of things to be concerned with.  Rather than ponder who will control the new currency, why not prepare for the event and move your dollars into precious metals.  You will profit handsomely, if it happens.

Just watch the dollar (in the USDX).  Once it nears 72, the change you are concerned with will be close at hand.

Q:  I’m thinking that the metals manipulation is geared to the possibility that control of the US Senate may change hands after the election. Should that occur, an event would need to be quickly orchestrated (already in place??) to show the “world awareness” that this result is going to destroy the magnificent recovery that has been brought to us by the current leadership.

Remember- we were told that “We will reward our friends, and punish our enemies.”  In looking for an event to point to shift blame, could this qualify as one?

Bill Holter’s Answer:

I’m not really sure I understand the question.  Manipulation of markets has been going on far longer than for just this election cycle.  Gold and silver really came under the hammer going back to 1996 and before that with the London Gold pool which collapsed in the late 1960’s.

Are there not enough other events to point at?  Such as Ukraine, ISIS, Ebola, banks and financial institutions far and wide, Japan and Europe’s economies, Fukushima, China and Japan arguing over south sea oil or even the U.S. and Russia fighting over Arctic oil or anything in the Middle East?  The “something to point at” can be big, small, a known or an unknown, finding something as a “cause” could be as easy as a sneeze at this point.  I suppose pointing at rigged gold and silver could be a cause but in my mind the end of this rig will be more likely a result of something else rather than a cause.  Just my thoughts…

Q:  What would happen to the US economy and how would it impact the average person in the event that the US defaults on its Treasury bond payments to address the US debt?

Andy Hoffman’s Answer:

There are several facets to this question, as it depends under what circumstances such an event occurs under.  However, under all scenarios, the ramifications will be utterly horrifying for our way of life.  And sadly, it mathematically MUST happen – whether by outright reneging or hyperinflation.

Frankly, the latter scenario is unthinkable, as the U.S. has a “thing called a printing press” – in Helicopter Ben’s words – which it will surely use, under all circumstances.  This is how hyperinflation occurs – and in fiat currency regimes, there really is no other choice.

Suffice to say, either an “explicit” reneging or “implicit” reneging via hyperinflation, the result will be a precipitous plunge – by perhaps 50% or more in the dollar’s purchasing power, the end of its reserve currency status, universal hatred of America; and likely, draconian government actions (U.S. and others) and war.

In other words, what MUST happen WILL happen.  And thus, if you do not prepare beforehand, the impact on your financial net worth will be devastating.