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Q: Hi David,

As usual a great read on 4 April.

When you say below “When the dollar starts to fall hard again,” do you think it will happen this year, or do you think they can “kick the can” another year or so?


Sid Reynolds, Sydney

David Schectman’s Answer:

I’ve known Richard Maybury since the late 80s. He is one of my favorite analysts. He has an interesting take on the dollar, one that makes sense to me and I haven’t run across yet. This should give you some insight.

Maybury (Early Warning Report) wrote,

“How much longer must we wait for gold to take off again?

Months, I suspect, not years. Here’s the story.

Perhaps the biggest mistake of my career has been to expect the final destruction of the federal government’s global fiat currency scam to be a straightforward, worldwide velocity-driven hyperinflation.

I failed to realize there would be an intermediary step. Just before the end of fiat money, people would flee all currencies except the one or two they feared least. These they would grab in great desperation. The velocity of the final one or two would plunge.

Then when these also came to be regarded with contempt, billions of investors would go to gold and other things that cannot be created out of thin air.

I think there is a better than even chance we are now in this intermediary period, and the dollar and Swiss franc will be the last men standing, before they go down, too.

Q: Thanks again for your ongoing clarity in what is a very foggy reality! My question is the following: What exactly does it cost (how many dollars) for TPTB to continue to manipulate all of the markets each and every day – stocks, bonds, precious metals, oi, etc.l? Wouldn’t the cost in dollars be so high (I assume tens of trillions after all of these years) that everyone would see it in our national debt? Where do these massive quantities of dollars come from?

Thanks again!

Jason Gilbert

Andy Hoffman’s Answer:


The answer is a simple one, and one I write and speak of constantly.  They simply do things covertly; i.e, not telling you how much they’re printing, manipulating, book cooking, etc.  The problem is, that markets are now so far from the underlying reality, they are a powder keg ready to explode.  Not to mention Precious Metals, where the underlying physical market is rapidly detaching from the fraudulent paper market.  In time, the paper market will be destroyed completely.

Q: What is the Possibility…Probability,  that J P Morgan might use All their Silver positions to Sell and keep the price of Silver from rising??  Do they now have enough??

Long time holder of silver.

Thank You in Advance

Harry Lanpher     

Bill Holter’s Answer:

I am not sure I understand your question?  It is rumored that JP Morgan has a large long physical position in silver.  I don’t know this to be fact, if you have information, I would love to see it!  It is also widely known and has been written extensively about by Ted Butler, JP Morgan is and has been the outsized short silver position on COMEX for years.  Possibly you believe JP Morgan has been supplying physical silver to deliver for COMEX?  I am not sure I would go along with this.  The game as I see it would be Morgan selling paper to suppress the price and use the low prices to purchase physical from the market place.  Ted Butler has written much on this subject but I am not sure it is totally accurate because he uses CME data which even they say they cannot guarantee.
The important thing to understand is this, silver is THE cheapest, most undervalued asset on the planet in my opinion.  At best it is being produced at a breakeven and most likely will be a basically extinct element with 20 years or less …while its uses multiply year after year.  Silver is the biggest no brainer in the world right now in my opinion.