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Sorry, but I need to take a week off from the Audioblog, as my head is about to explode.  Scripting – and reading – Audioblogs is a highly mentally-intensive process; and given that I am taping seven podcasts this week alone; and writing five articles, including this one, there’s isn’t a heck of a lot going on that I haven’t discussed already, in great detail.  Moreover, the process of planning and marketing our growing cadre of meetings – I’ll announce a new one at the end of this article; booking private consultations; and, for the first time since joining Miles Franklin in 2011, fielding a significant amount of client calls, is consuming as much of my mental capacity as my time.  Thankfully, I love what I do – which, care of the relentlessly positive feedback I receive, gives me a sense that I have a true “calling” in life.

Scanning the “horrible headlines” of the past 24 hours alone, I could easily find a half dozen topics worthy of my attention, and your action to protect yourself from what’s not only “coming,” but happening as we speak, such as…

1. Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, dramatically reducing its revenue and earnings guidance – again!  Regarding the “top line,” it now expects 2016 worldwide revenues to be flat with 2015, versus its previous expectation of up 3%-4%.  Worse yet, it blamed the strong dollar (Federal Reserve intervention) and rising minimum wage (government intervention) above all else.  In other words, a case study of how Orwellian central planning is destroying the world – which is probably why Walmart just fired 10,000 people, and is doing everything it can to make sure as few employees as possible work enough hours to be considered “full-time” – and thus, eligible for benefits.  In other words, Ayn Rand and George Orwell’s FICTIONS are rapidly becoming FACT.

2. Speaking of central planning, the momentum toward a “cashless society” – featuring negative interest rates and capital controls – is exploding, as I warned of in Monday’s “NIRP vs. Gold, Part VI” article.  At this point, if you don’t yet realize this is coming – likely, soon – I’m not sure what will convince you, that you need to get as far out of the system as possible, as quickly as you can.  To that end, the “biggest equity short squeeze since 2007” – and Precious Metals capping – affords the perfect opportunity to act whilst you still can.  Frankly, the only question remaining, in my view, is which of the past week’s blatant manipulations ends the quickest, and most violently.  Will it be stocks, where the “Dow Jones Propaganda Average” has been goosed by an incredible 1,000 points – based on absolutely ZERO positive news?  Or oil, where “production cut” – and “production freeze” – rumors, yet again, were proven unfounded?  Or gold and silver, whose fundamental, sentimental, and even technical strength continues to surge, despite Monday’s “President’s Day Desperation Raid” – and yesterday’s all-out, decidedly failed attempt to push gold below $1,200.

3. Sadly, a significant percentage of the world’s population no longer has the ability to protect itself from government destruction – as in Venezuela, where the Bolivar was again devalued yesterday, by a further 37%.

4. The PBOC indebted China by an additional $1 TRILLION in the first two months of 2016 alone.  Gee, I wonder how that will end.

5. Last but not least, perhaps the most important news story NO ONE appears to be considering, despite the potential for it becoming a major, economically cataclysmic event by year-end.  Which is, the rising possibility that the UK will “Brexit” the European Union by year-end, based on credit market-based expectations rising to their highest level since the ill-begotten, ill-fated union was created.

That said, I need to take a break – albeit briefly, as I have three podcasts scheduled in the next 24 hours – from the negativity of what’s going on in the world, to reflect on the positivity emanating from Miles Franklin.  Not that many of our competitors aren’t advancing their positions as well – as frankly, it’s been refreshing to witness how the “cream of the crop” are thriving, in their efforts to not only promote their respective businesses, but our cumulative message of wealth protection.

That said, few, if any bullion dealers have been publishing free educational material as long as the Miles Franklin Blog – as when David Schectman first started writing the Miles Franklin Report at the turn of the century, the internet had barely been invented.  Moreover, few, if any bullion dealers publish as much content, both quantitatively and qualitatively.  In my view, the reason it is becoming so widely read – and listened to – is due to the dedication of the entire Miles Franklin team; which, starting from the top, believes as strongly in its product as its business model.

Moreover, from the day Miles Franklin opened its doors, it has been ethics that have defined us – in which numerous competitors have come and gone, often due to shady tactics like the promotion of low-value numismatics; cutthroat sale prices, but exorbitant purchase bids; and generally speaking, a lack of the hands-on customer service our team of professionals – on average, sporting nearly 25 years of industry experience – provides.  As let’s face it, we are being trusted with your life’s savings, and are well aware of the anxiety it can cause you.  Which is why we are so proud of our A+ Better Business Bureau rating; and the fact that we have not had a single registered complaint in our entire 27 years.

Throughout nearly three decades of operations, we have urgently sought to differentiate ourselves in in industry that on the surface is commoditized, but in reality is just not so.  The high level service we provide; the free, daily blog; and the industry’s highest buy-back prices (particularly for Miles Franklin clients) are major, game-changing differentiators, in my view.  As is our Brink’s Montreal storage program; in my view, the world’s best – and David and Andy Schectman’s, too, which is why we all utilize it personally.  Which, I might add, will shortly be expanded to another Canadian city – likely, in the next month or so.  To that end, I’d bet few realize our Brink’s program – to the best of our knowledge – is the only bullion storage program charging by the ounce, rather than as a percentage of bullion value.  In other words, if the price of gold and silver double, your storage fees won’t follow suit.

Additionally, our staff is constantly seeking unique ways to optimize your portfolio, in cost effective ways that benefit all parties involved.  No one more so than Andy Schectman, who in two decades of  Precious Metal trading has been a pioneer in the field of product swaps – be they related to the gold/silver ratio, tax considerations, over- and undervaluation of numismatics, or otherwise.  Particularly in today’s environment, following a four-year “correction” that appears to have run its course, the opportunity to “right size” your PM portfolio has never been greater – as discussed in great detail in the podcast we conducted last year, “swaps, trades, and repatriations.”

Last but not least, our efforts to travel the country – and world, for that matter – to educate of the reality of the propagandized economy, manipulated markets, and opaque bullion industry.  Particularly now, per the nationwide “Q&A Rap Session” tour Andy and I commenced last month here in Denver.  Next up, we are appearing in Minneapolis on February 26th, and Phoenix March 16th – followed by our newest “tour date”…drum roll please…on April 21st in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  And after that, who knows – as honestly, the requests for us to appear have come from no less than a dozen different cities.  To which, I must emphasize that any attempts you make to facilitate such events – such as the smaller ones we are shortly going to put on in Las Vegas and Raleigh – will help us to prioritize our extremely busy schedules.  As for the Minneapolis, Phoenix, and Ft. Lauderdale dates, if you are interested in attending, simply call Miles Franklin at 800-822-8080, or email me at [email protected].

To conclude, it has always been – and always will be, as long as there’s metal to be bought, sold, or stored – Miles Franklin’s “Mission Statement” to give the best service available; with the highest degree of ethics; and to add the most value for your hard-earned dollars, Euros, Yen, or other fiat currencies.  To which, I must vehemently add – particularly to those new to the Precious Metal bullion industry – that such positive qualities are decidedly NOT pervasive in this largely unregulated business (except, ironically, in our home state of Minnesota).  And thus, that bullion dealerships are far less “commoditized” than you think.