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We now aim to avoid commentating on day-to-day market “noise” as much as possible.  However, when it comes to BIG PICTURE movements, we will surely inform you when “something wicked this way comes.”  It’s the early morning yet – at 7:20 AM EST – and I see the U.S. 10-year Treasury yield has surged anew, to a whopping 2.87% from 2.83% Friday afternoon.  More on that in tomorrow’s comments, by the way.

Equally importantly – and ominously – is that what I have spoken about in India is worsening with each passing day.  I have made it crystal clear that India is on the verge of surpassing Greece as my “top pick” to catalyze the next, 2008-style (actually, worse) financial crisis; on Friday, actually opining it may become the “next Egypt.”  This morning, not only is the Rupee down to yet another ALL-TIME LOW, but in spectacular fashion – by 2.4%, to 63.12 Rp/dollar!  Frankly, the Indian government could post tanks and infantry at its borders – yet still, gold and silver will be smuggled into the country in unprecedented amounts.


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