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Take a look at the photo – and caption – below, and think long and hard.

I know Monopoly is just a game; but then again, what’s so “SACROSANCT” about the U.S. dollar?  Since Monopoly was invented in 1934, not a single “monopoly dollar” has been added to circulation.  That is, each 2012 version has the same amount in its “bank” as in 1934.  And thus – what do you know?  PRICES HAVEN’T CHANGED AT ALL!

That’s right, Baltic Avenue has ALWAYS been $60, and Boardwalk ALWAYS $400.  Not to mention – for real estate-focused readers – a “house” or “hotel” on Boardwalk has ALWAYS been $200.  Actually, the only “monopoly price” that has increased in 78 years is the “Luxury Tax” – from $75 to $100 – to simplify making change!

Again, I know, Monopoly’s “just a game.”  However, the concept is no different, as we have been conditioned to recognize the “value” of the “monopoly dollar”; just as we have with the U.S. dollar.  Only the monopoly dollar is NEVER inflated, as we see in other games (when I was a child, 100 thousand in pinball was like 100 million today).  And NOTHING is more inflated than the U.S. dollar – save the Zimbabwean dollar – with some of its dilution occurring overtly, but potential an EQUAL amount covertly.

DO NOT underestimate the message in this RANT, as in time – potentially, VERY SOON – the “monopoly dollar” will be viewed as more “valuable” than the U.S. dollar, and the hundreds of fiat currencies anchored to it since 1971.  No matter how you slice it, fiat currencies only meet two of the six defining principles of “money” – the two least important, to boot.

Unless a currency is VERIFIABLE, SCARCE, universally accepted as a MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE, and a time-tested STORE OF VALUE, it won’t take long before it is discarded – WORTHLESS – to the dustbin of ignominious history.


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