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There were a few unanswered questions from our webinar on August 20th.  Andy Hoffman has the answers.

Q: When the rush into gold happens & the physical dries up, where do you see the panic $ going?
A: Nothing is certain, as all is unprecedented – particularly as this is the first time that EVERY nation on Earth is utilizing fiat currency.  That said, the END GAME will be a new gold standard, and on the way there – which could take anywhere from months to years I expect poverty, social unrest, draconian government decrees, war, and hyperinflation.  Thus, PROTECT YOURSELF, and do it NOW!


Q: Should I cash out my IRA and pay the penalty/taxes to purchase metals?
A: YES!  I actually spoke about this on the Webinar, as well as countless RANTS, such as RETIREMENT PLAN “:CONFISCATION.” On this point, I CANNOT be more emphatic.


Q: I invested heavily in PSLV at 22.00 it is now at 11.28 or so. I have always wondered if the price was more influenced by the “general stock market trend” or the “price of silver.”   Stock Market is up over the past few months but the PSLV continues to fall, so can I expect a significant rise in value when the price silver goes up?
A:  Actually, PSLV is off its lows, and in my view, likely to re-challenge its highs in the next year.  It is affected by many variable, but MOST IMPORTANTLY – government naked shorting meant to suppress the price.  Moreover, when owning closed-end funds, the premium to NAV (net asset value) must be considered.  Whenever a new offering is done – as we saw last month – the premium typically weakens until the deal is digested.  It did precisely this in August, and in time, should move back up as the PM bull progresses – all else equal.


Q: Japan has been broke for over 20 yrs now. If people continue to trust the system how & why will it fail?

A:  “The system” is now being heavily scrutinized, with “trust” dying rapidly.  Japanese economy – and markets – continues to weaken, and shortly it will IMPLODE yet again.