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Miles Franklin sponsored this article by Gary Christenson. The opinions are his.

Egon von Greyerz discussed “3 Dozen Reasons to Hold Gold” and mentioned price targets of $30,000 for gold and $3,000 for silver. Gold sells for $1,310 and silver sells in the mid-$15s. His numbers suggest that gold could increase by a factor of 20 and silver by nearly 200. For perspective, refer to the table below.

He shows the many reasons to own gold in the following “Time Bomb – Global Risk” graphic.

Are his price targets for gold and silver impossible, crazy, ridiculous, unlikely, excessive, possible, increasingly likely, or inevitable?

Or, how crazy is thinking gold will rise by a factor of 20 to $30,000?

Big Picture Interpretation from Hugo Salinas Price:

“The Federal Reserve is in a box; it’s boxed itself into an insoluble problem. It cannot stop creating more credit, expanding its Balance Sheet, no matter what Mr. Jerome Powell, President of the Fed, may say he is doing or going to do. To stop creating more FR dollars means only one thing—total collapse of the whole humongous FR dollar scheme.”

In short… QE to infinity, which will devalue mini-dollars into micro-dollars. The Fed will try to save the stock and bond markets at the expense of the dollar’s purchasing power. Described another way… our consumer prices will skyrocket higher while the stocks most of us don’t own remain levitated.Hmmmmmm, not good except for the elite.

Another opinion: Nick Santiago: “$5,000 – $7,500 Gold Less Than a Decade Away

Inevitable? Only a matter of time!

Others have observed the price of gold is the inverse of trust in central banks, fiat currencies, and politicians. That explains why the financial and political elite suppress COMEX paper gold prices.

The currently popular nonsense is MMT—Modern Monetary Theory or Magic Money Tree economics. Print and spend trillions of digital currency units on political projects, boondoggles, and giveaways to buy votes. What could go wrong after creating trillions in “free” dollars? Well… history shows other countries have tried and failed. The MMT socialists in the U.S. are courting disaster.

From Charles Hugh Smith:

“You see the irony: depending on expanding debt for ‘growth’ eventually chokes future borrowing, spending and investing, causing ‘growth’ to collapse in a broken heap.”

Described another way… excessive debt causes its own destruction. Over-printing has destroyed many currencies throughout history, but our central bankers indulge in the fantasy it will be different this time. I doubt it.

The Socialism Scams during the next decade:

Central Banks: Print trillions to save the stock and bond markets. (Socialism for the elite…)

Politicians:  Print trillions and give to the poor and politically connected. (Socialism for the masses…)

From Thomas Sowell on Socialism:

“Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it.”


  • The Fed must create ever-larger quantities of credit or risk the collapse of stock and bond markets. However, they may collapse despite Fed levitation efforts.
  • Fed actions will devalue mini-dollars into micro-dollars. Higher prices lie ahead.
  • Debt is self-destructive. Socialism, massive deficits, wars and MMT will hurry the process.
  • QE to infinity. Inflate or die!

Historical Examples of Huge Increases… or how likely is gold rising by a factor of 10 – 20 in the next decade?