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On September 10th, I wrote one of my most important RANTS ever – “MUST OWN JUNK SILVER.”  I have long viewed “junk” silver (pre-1965 U.S. dimes, quarters, and half-dollars, all of which have 90% silver content) as the most important “protection purchase” one can make; and given the rapid deterioration of the global economic situation in recent months, that belief is STRONGER THAN EVER.

Junk silver is perhaps the worst misnomer on the planet, as no product represents more “value” for the price.  Given its small denominations (a “junk dime,” for example, is worth roughly $3), government issuance, and scarcity, no Precious Metal item is better suited for an uncertain future; particularly if the worst-case scenario of a temporary “barter society” emerges.

This winter, junk silver premiums have surged to their highest levels since late 2008’s Global Meltdown I; with current pricing at roughly spot plus $2.75-$3.25/oz, compared to levels closer to spot plus $0.00-$1.00/oz over most of the past four years.  Below are the prices one of our competitors will pay to secure your supply, although virtually NO ONE is selling these days, and precious few likely will.  By the way, if you purchase metals from Miles Franklin, we charge ZERO commissions if you choose to sell the same metal back to us…


I myself purchased junk silver in January; of which I had to wait three weeks for delivery.  Delivery times remain extremely uncertain; and given the “FINANCIAL 9/11” that just erupted in Cyprus, I wouldn’t be surprised if supply dried up altogether.  In fact, I’m quite confident that once silver moves back into the $30s, this will be the case.

I think it’s become crystal clear how much of a razor’s edge the Global economy has become; and thus, that the odds of CRISIS and/or FEAR breaking out are greater than at any time since 2008 – particularly in Europe.  I couldn’t be more urgent in my advice to PROTECT YOURSELF; and “financially speaking,” there is NO BETTER WAY to do so than via “junk” silver.


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