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Up at 1:30 am this morning for a two-hour workout, I’m working on less than three hours of sleep.  But how can I, given that this is perhaps the most important day in U.S. history?  In my view, challenged only by the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the start of the Civil War, Pearl Harbor, and 9/11?  Irrespective of the result, with my “base case” being a Trump victory, the most difficult times since the Great Depression will likely commence tomorrow; either because Trump’s win has overrun the status quo – and with it, their ability to rig markets; or because American will have devolved to second world status, en route to its inevitable end game of being a nuclear-armed Venezuela, run by madmen with little regard for “99%” of lives.

At this point, I’ve done all the pontificating I can about politics – which generally speaking, I never discuss.  However, the unprecedented importance of this election – particularly its enormous financial ramifications, the necessity of informing people of the reality they face is simply unavoidable.  Let alone, as per what has been revealed by WikiLeaks, Anonymous, and Project Veritas; as well as rank corruption within the FBI, Mainstream Media, Washington, and Wall Street, there can be little doubt that many of the most terrifying “conspiracy theories” are true.  In other words, there are evil forces seeking to destroy our lives, who will finish the job if the election is stolen as planned.   As they say, you can’t rig a tsunami – and given all I have seen and heard in recent weeks (particularly Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneaux, whose dedication to spreading truth has been awe-inspiring), the popular vote will in fact be a Trumpian landslide.  Frankly, given the obvious level of widespread Democratic election fraud – including the President himself, who is actually encouraging illegal Mexicans to vote – the only way I think Trump can win will be such an outcome, as a massive Trump lead will make it impossible to reconcile a Clinton “victory” with heavily Trump-leaning exit polls.

Regarding the outcome of a Trump victory, I cannot overstate my belief that the financial market result will be “BrExit times ten.”  Frankly, given how much is vested – and invested – in a Clinton victory, I find it difficult to envision a scenario in which a Trump victory does not catalyze a 2008-style stock market crash; which in turn, will destroy all remaining hope of economic salvation and debt redemption.  To that end, the “twin towers” of pre-election lies, the faux OPEC production cut and belief that Deutsche Bank (and much of the European banking system) is solvent, will come crashing down as well, in a smoldering heap.  As will rigged market after rigged market – whilst conversely, the suffocating cloud of Precious Metal suppression is lifted, to dramatic effect.

In turn, the Central banks will do what they always do – print money and monetize markets, both overtly and covertly, until the cows come home.  However, this time it will fail miserably, now that both their credibility and dry powder have been exhausted.  Frankly, the “best” result they are likely to achieve is hyperinflation – that is, if they consider wiping out the entire world’s savings a positive.  And entire world is not hyperbole – as once the top of the Central banking totem pole, the Fed, rejoins the overt monetization party, the long awaited, synchronous global currency collapse will arrive; and with it, all the accompanying political; social; and likely military, horrors.

Like the domino scene in my favorite movie, V for Vendetta, the chain reaction of a Trump victory will be unstoppable; as not only will America’s “powers that be” have been defeated, but burgeoning anti-establishment movements the world round will launch into hyper drive – starting with Italy, who on December 4th can essentially force the resignation of pro-EU Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.  Let alone France, where impeachment proceedings were launched yesterday, to oust the disgraced Francois Holland from the Presidency mere months before he will unquestionably suffer an historic election defeat, at the hands of the violently anti-EU Marine Le Pen.  Ironically, the reason for his impeachment is the leaking of confidential documents to the press – which correct me if I’m wrong, is EXACTLY what Hillary Clinton has done.  Which, I might add, will unquestionably land her in jail if Trump wins; and possibly if she “wins” as well.

Conversely, a Clinton “victory” – which frankly, I cannot envision other than under a heavily contested, Gore/Bush x 1,000 scenario – would likely give temporary market relief, and temporarily enable the Cartel to push gold and silver below their respective 200 day moving averages of $1,276/oz and $17.49/oz.  However, it wouldn’t take long for “markets” to realize that a Clinton Presidency would essentially sentence America to the same kind of economy-destroying socialism that has put Europe, Japan, and heck, Venezuela, on the brink of ruin.  This, with perhaps the most warlike Commander-in-Chief in U.S. history – who clearly, appears hell bent on a hot war with Russia.  Who, I might add, could just as easily be impeached and imprisoned, or felled dead via seizure, within months of her inauguration – to be replaced by her “mini-me” pit bull, Tim Kaine.

Put starkly, if you want to know just what awaits America – and the world – on November 9th onward, consider that just last night, China, the world’s largest exporter, reported its exports plunged 7.3% year-over-year in October, representing the 18th year-over-year decline of the past 20 months; and subsequently, whilst the financial press fixated on the election, devalued the Yuan to its lowest level in six years, less than 1% from the 6.82/dollar floor the PBOC maintained from 2008-10.  In other words, the “upcoming, cataclysmic financial big bang to end all big bangs” – i.e, a major Yuan devaluation – is approaching like a runaway train; which is exactly why talk of a December 14th Fed rate hike is so ludicrous.  To that end, if Trump wins, “December rate hike odds” – rigged or otherwise – will plunge from their comically inflated level of 80% today, to ZERO; which, frankly, would be just as shocking to the financial – and worldwide monetary – system as the Trump victory itself.  At that point, rate cut odds would undoubtedly surge – of which, all I can say is that I’ve had the headline for my article the day the Fed admits it’s going down that road queued up for some time.  I.e., “ding dong, the Fed is dead.”

At which point, gold prices will likely have surpassed previous all-time highs in essentially all currencies – with only dollar-priced gold left to achieve that permanent Cartel-killing achievement, when it inevitably surpasses $1,920/oz; whilst silver finally realizes the destiny ordained in January 1980, when it achieves its “ultimate quadruple top breakout” above $50/oz.  For that matter, keep your eyes on gold and silvers’ respective 50 MONTH moving averages of $1,303/oz and $19.43/oz, respectively; as once they are decisively broken, traders the world round will realize phase two of the historic PM bull market is on; likely, NEVER to breach those levels to the downside again.  And finally, regarding Bitcoin, which Miles Franklin has no official position on, I’ll simply advise you to keep it on your radar screen.

As we head into Election Day, even the Clinton-rigged polls suggest a dead heat.  This, despite endless reports of widespread Democratic election fraud.  However, I believe the “boots on the ground” – including mine, Saturday night at the Trump rally here in Denver – tell an entirely different story, of the potential for a Reagan-like landslide, a la 1980.  Frankly, yesterday’s comically rigged pre-election equity rally, and simultaneous PM smash, on the heels of blatantly compromised FBI Director James Comey’s lie that Hillary’s emails are not incriminating – may well be viewed one day with the same level of derision as the pre-BrExit equity rally/PM smash following MP Jo Cox’s murder.  Which frankly, may well have been as orchestrated as Sunday night’s faux FBI “exoneration.”  As, just as was the case with the British, I think the powers that be’s’ assumption that the masses are universally stupid will miserably backfire in their faces.

Well, that’s my two cents, as we commence what may well be the “most important day in U.S. history.”  No matter what happens, it is difficult to envision a Fall without chaos, both here and overseas.  And trust me, if Trump wins and you have not prepared beforehand, it may already be too late to protect yourself tomorrow.