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In 2003 Peter Gabriel released Secret World Live on DVD.  I’m not sure, but it may have been recorded in the mid 1990s.  I consider it one of, if not the best rock and roll “performance,” of all time.  Yes, the music is sensational, but the entire production, the choreography, the dancing, the energy is off the charts.  I never tire of it and when in Miami, it is on my large screen TV at least once a week.  It is so uplifting!  Check out this song and the energy he brings to the stage…

Peter Gabriel – Shaking The Tree (Secret World Live HD)
I also have Peter Gabriel’s “New Blood,” released in 2011.  It’s recorded in 3-D and is Gabriel’s latest.

Peter Gabriel – Red Rain (from “New Blood Live” DVD / Blu-Ray / 3D Blu-Ray)

To watch New Blood after Secret World Live is an interesting experience.  Gabriel has changed so much (aged) that if it weren’t for his voice, you would not recognize him.  Not only has he lost hair and gained a lot of weight, he lost all of his energy, the magic that was the foundation of his release in 2003.  He hardly moves anymore, he just stands there in front of the mike and sings.  After watching the video link I gave you from Secret World Live (Shaking the Tree) you will know what I mean.

Why am I mentioning this in a “financial newsletter?”  Because after thinking about the huge change in Gabriel’s persona, it dawned on me that the same can probably be said about MY generation.  People my age, and that certainly includes many of our readers, grew up in the 70s in the era of drugs, sex and rock and roll.  That’s when Gabriel first exploded onto the music scene, as one half of the Peter Gabriel/Phil Collins band, Genesis.  Actually, I am eight years older than Gabriel, but we are of the same generation.

Watching the latest Gabriel video, I can’t help thinking that my generation has lost its drive and energy, so evident in the Vietnam era.  We are the ones who rejected most of what came before.  My wife even marched with women who burned their bras.  We wanted to be free and our generation produced the likes of Bob Dylan who spoke for our generation (like his music or not, he was the poet laureate of our time).  I went to school with him at the University of Minnesota in 1959-60.  I heard him play at the local pizza parlor in Dinky Town, adjacent to the U.  He sucked!  My former partner, the “Franklin” in Miles Franklin, married Nancy Zimmerman, first cousin of Bob Zimmerman – aka Bob Dylan.

Most of the kids I know who are in or graduating from college now have no spark.  They are so dumbed-down by the crap they are fed in school and by the media and our politicians that they don’t even realize that they should be upset and protesting.  We give them an endless war on terrorism and an economy that does not offer most of them the unlimited opportunity that I had when I entered the work force, in 1964.  They will soon feel the dual pressure of inflation and high taxes.  It will be so hard for most of the young to get ahead.  And my generation sits back and enjoys life, assuming they were able to set aside enough money.  But we are no longer the leaders, those in front pushing for change and rejecting the crap that passes as truth.

We haven’t had an outstanding leader in this country for so long, it’s hard to remember when it last occurred.  We have given control to Wall Street, the large banks and the politicians that they own.  Welcome to the new world in America – very, very rich or poor.  What’s left in between is a small fraction of the population and shrinking by the month.

If you want to see how much we have changed, watch the two Peter Gabriel videos.  Enjoy the music and recognize what we have lost.  Hey, I’ve slowed down too (why not, I’ll be 71 in March) but I still complain about what is wrong and try and help people do something about it – at least on a financial level.  On a political level, forget about it.  Our choices have been bad and worse for a long time now and no one, save Ron Paul, even offered a shred of hope to solve our REAL issues.