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The most exhilarating of emotions, it drives us through the best of times, as well as the worst.  It helps us understand WHY we were born, and WHY we strive to live life to its fullest.

Today is October 25th, 2011, the 25th anniversary of Game 6 of the 1986 World Series.  My New York Mets pulled off a baseball miracle that day, scoring three runs in the bottom of the 10th inning with two out and nobody on against the Boston Red Sox.  I remember that night as clearly as any in my life, the sheer AMAZEMENT of watching my dead and buried Mets come back to tie the series and force Game 7; a Game 7, by the way, which the Mets trailed 3-0 in the seventh inning before staging yet another improbable comeback to win the Series, in front of a frenzied Shea Stadium crowd.

Why the baseball reference in front of my first RANTING ANDY SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT?  For good reason, as I am about to announce the most important, inspired, and likely FINAL major decision of my investment career.

I have worked in the investment industry for 20 years, as a compliance officer, bond broker, buy-side analyst, sell-side analyst, and investment relations officer, in each case progressing closer to my ultimate goal.  Five years ago, or even last year for that matter, I couldn’t IMAGINE what that goal was, and frankly, I doubt most people EVER know what they were “born to do.” 

I’ve been 100% invested in Precious Metals for 9½ years, having taught myself the industry without a shred of help from ANYONE except the few people I depend on in the “virtual world.”  Kudos to my close friend Doug Cundey, a New Jersey-based money manager at Guilford Securities, and one of the best in the business, for telling me in May 2002 that Precious Metals were on the cusp of a major bull market.  Without a doubt, the most important call of my career.

I’ve seen a lot in my 20-year career – the exhilaration of “irrational exuberance”, 9/11 (first hand), the peak of America as the pre-eminent global superpower, and beginning of the end of the post-War dollar era – a “sea change” sure to have reverberations for GENERATIONS to come.

During this period, I can honestly say I have been right about essentially ALL major macro trends, regarding stocks, real estate, the economy, and currencies.  However, I have by no means been right in all investment decisions, care of a Gold Cartel intent on prolonging PERCEPTION the U.S.-dominant world order can live on forever.

Since that fateful day in May 2002, ALL my gains can be attributed to PHYSICAL gold and silver.  I more than tripled my net worth in 2003-2007 with PM mining stocks, but lost most of these gains in 2007-2010 to the Gold Cartel, which will do ANYTHING to prevent global PERCEPTION from shifting to where it rightfully should be, PRECIOUS METALS. 

Netting my stock losses of the latter period against the gains of the former, I’d guess I broke even.   But when I look at the PHYSICAL gold and silver investments I made throughout this period, particularly since GLOBAL MELTDOWN I in 2008, I see nothing but enormous, NON-TAXABLE gains.  THIS market truth is what inspired my recent writings, yielded my career “Eureka moment”, and subsequently the announcement I am about to make.

I am very proud of my accomplishments at Torrey Hills Capital, in my view the pre-eminent marketer of junior mining stocks in North America.  THC is run by some of the best people I’ve come across in my career, as well as my personal life, and anyone disposed to making such investments should be aware of the fine companies they work with.

However, the aforementioned life experiences have led me to my “LIFE’S CALLING”, the likely last job I will ever have.  My goal is to PROTECT as many people as possible from the upcoming HYPERINFLATION (or, at the least, ACCELERATING inflation), and the only way I can consciously do so is putting ALL my efforts into urging purchases of PHYSICAL gold and silver.

I have been an eBay aficionado for the past three years, making countless purchases of gold and silver bullion from this extremely efficient market.  I have been well aware of the constant eBay presence of “Miles Franklin” during that time, but did not know anything of the firm until recently.  David Schectman, the firm’s founder and Chairman, contacted me two months ago to express an appreciation for my RANTS, which he had read on the fine GATA website.  The two of us struck up a relationship, and it became clear we were “twin brothers of different mothers.” 

Both of us have the profit motive at heart, but more importantly to HELP our clients PROTECT themselves.  Neither of us views profit as the end game, although certainly we strive for as much as possible.  Luxuriant living is a nice goal, but “living well” and knowing you have HELPED OTHERS do the same is far more rewarding.

As I spoke more to David, and learned more about Miles Franklin, I realized it not only is one of the largest bullion dealers in the country, but one of the most RESPECTED for its integrity.  It will not lose a sale based on price, but more so because it wants to HELP as many people as possible in their quest for peaceful and happy lives, than for maximizing profit.  And I believe the firm has done just this in its 20 years of existence, headquartered in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota, secretly one of the most financially savvy cities in America.

Discussions rapidly turned toward formation of a business partnership, in which I could utilize my RANTING ANDY platform to help as many people as possible convert their depreciating dollars into REAL MONEY, i.e. PHYSICAL gold and silver, before the END GAME for fiat currencies commences.  I have since met all the principals at Miles Franklin, including David’s son Andy, who has worked at the firm for 20 years and now runs it as CEO, and I am convinced these people can maximize all I have to give.

PHYSICAL gold and silver are destined to someday go “no offer” (potentially A LOT sooner than most can imagine), and until that time I will tirelessly work to shepherd as many people as possible to SAFETY.  Moreover, the firm offers secure storage facilities in both the U.S. and Canada, which I believe will provide added SECURITY for investors.

Thus, I am proud to announce I am joining Miles Franklin as its Marketing Director, effective immediately.  My RANTS will continue on essentially a daily basis, to be comingled with the fine daily blog put out by David Schectman.  Moreover, I aim to tell the story in person as much as possible, in cities throughout America, so PLEASE contact me if you feel an opportunity to give a presentation exists in your community.  I ASSURE you, such presentations will be worth your time, as well as that of your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues, as I will not waste ONE SECOND in my quest to PROTECT as many people as possible.

Few people are so lucky to pursue their dreams and make a good living doing so, and I believe I am one of them.

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