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Perhaps it’s the haze from the flu I had this weekend, although you wouldn’t have known it the way I played soccer yesterday morning – with as much passion to win, dehydration notwithstanding, as I can remember.  To that end, I always play to win, no matter what I’m doing.

However, no outside influence, be it a virus or the drugs to defeat it, can deter the clarity of mind I feel when considering the dire state of the world – particularly America, as we head into the homestretch of without peer, the most important election in the nation’s 240-year history.  And by important, I mean I truly believe all will be lost – for America, and perhaps much of the world – if the incumbent evil, which has torn the nation limb from limb for the past two decades, is able to pull off the con-job of the century, and steal the nation from the will of its increasingly angry, desperate citizens.

I know, my job is to discuss such matters in the context of financial markets – and particularly, Precious Metals.  However, at this point, I don’t see any scenario where gold and silver don’t exponentially rise – it’s just a matter of time; and likely, not that much of it.  No, today I am far more worried about the survival of the nation as I have known it; and my parents and grandparents before me; to the likes of evil I had only read of in books, not really understanding it could exist until I saw it face to face.

For much of the world, history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme has already unleashed political, economic, and monetary chaos – to the point that, what I fear may be unleashed on America soon, has already been felt by hundreds of millions in the past year alone.  The Middle East; Turkey; Greece; Brazil, to name but a few, with large swaths of Europe, Japan, and countless nations whose currencies have been plunging to, or near previous all-time lows, including Australia, Mexico, and the entirety of Africa.  Even the currency of our previously staunch ally, the UK, is under mercilessly under attack, way beyond any semblance of the BrExit’s worst-case impact; likely, in my view, as “punishment” for having the nerve to defy said evil, and do the right thing for itself, by escaping the EU’s draconian rule and going on it’s own.

And don’t forget China, where the “cataclysmic financial big bang to end all big bangs” I warned of last summer – i.e., the world-destroying Yuan devaluation that is accelerating each day, amidst an utter collapse in Chinese trade, whilst the financial media ignorantly, and perhaps willfully ignores it.  To that end, do you think it’s a coincidence that the key 6.7/dollar Yuan/dollar exchange rate, which served as the Yuan’s lowest point last summer, when the PBOC launched the first phase of this devaluation, was broken the week after being accepted into the IMF’s Strategic Currency Basket?  Not to mention, mere days after the shocking, “unexpected” 10% plunge in China’s August exports?  Or how about last night’s 6.2% plunge in the Shanghai “B” share market, all in the last 90 minutes of trading, despite the rigged “A” market falling just 0.7%?  Does that appear a bit strange, and ominous, to you?  I mean, can you consider a scenario where the “Dow Jones Propaganda Average” fell just 0.7% for the day, but the NASDAQ 6.2%?

And of course, how can I ignore interest rates?  Which, despite modest gains relative to the massive declines they have experienced for the past year – as Central banks have gone all-in fighting “deflation,” destroying their nations’ economies, currencies, and social stability – have been rising for the past month or so, as said “deflation” is being called out by “bond vigilantes” that realize headline inflation numbers are not only rising, but in many cases above Central bank “targets.”  Heck, the opening of U.S. Obamacare Exchanges on November 1st, when millions of Americans (like me) learn of the likely 50%+ health insurance premiums and deductibles they will be paying in 2017, should be warning enough that government-fostered inflation is raging out of control.

True, many Central bankers – including Draghi, Yellen, and Kuroda – are suggesting increases in these arbitrary “targets”; as let’s face it, they are all stuck in the same monetary roach motel; and thus, can never stop inflating.  However, led by the Fed’s unrelenting propaganda of the mythical, imminent rate hikes that never seem to come; with the aid of equally relentless market manipulation, to create a veneer of “recovery” ahead of the election; rates have slowly but surely been rising, weakening economic conditions that were already the weakest we’ve experienced, worldwide, in generations.  Throw in the “twin towers of lies and manipulation” that are the powers that be’s desperate attempts to instill false hope that Deutsche Bank – and much of the European banking sector – will survive, and that OPEC can “save” the historically glutted crude market with a mythical, nonsensical, and pragmatically impossible “production freeze,” and you can see just how fragile whatever semblance of economic “hope” has become.

I mean, consider all the recent articles about falling real estate prices, rising subprime auto and student loan delinquencies, small business bankruptcies, falling corporate earnings outlooks; and plunging copper prices and GDP expectations.  Incredibly, tiny increases in interest rates have that much impact; as does the the rising U.S. dollar, which as I predicted, is surging because economy activity is collapsing, whilst political fears explode.  I mean, look at the U.S. restaurant index in freefall mode (whilst the BLS continues to report hundreds of thousands of new “waiter and bartender” jobs); or the fact that 70% of Americans have no savings; whilst 35% have debt at least six months past due; and take a guess what even the slightest increase in the interest costs they are already drowning in, will catalyze.

All that said, there’s nothing new I can add to the dire economic circumstance the world faces, as oversupply of essentially everything, amidst the record low savings catalyzed by a decade of Central bank financial repression, can only be corrected via years of economic stagnation and, putting it mildly, “currency weakness.”  In other words, the path to higher Precious Metals prices, no matter how much they are manipulated, is set in stone – likely, much more rapidly than most can imagine.

However, to me, the far more pressing near-term issue is the political and social instability raging across the planet, the direct result of the financial “central planning” and market manipulation enabled by the takeover of governments by Central banks and the corporate and billionaire lobbies that own them.  Frankly, it’s gotten to the point that anyone who does NOT believe World War III is a possibility has clearly buried their head in the sand – particularly with Russia, where last week America all but promised a major Cyber-retaliation for the as yet unproven; and in my view, laughable; accusation that Putin was behind the hacking of Hillary Clinton’s emails; as well as “humanitarian atrocities” in Syria, Ukraine, and who knows where else.  Heck, our “friends” in the UK actually froze the bank accounts of the respectable Russian media outlet RT this morning – which publishes, among other things, the Max Keiser Report.  I mean, Putin himself is telling you it’s coming – and yet, no one seems to care.

I don’t know how this will end, but I do know we will have to defend ourselves. And I even know how they will package this as ‘Russian aggression’ again, when this is simply a response to American actions.  (Sadly), the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction.”

And then there’s Iraq, where we just learned yesterday that the biggest offensive since the 2003 invasion commenced today – likely, including thousands of (“no more boots on the ground”) U.S. soldiers, in a “coincidentally” timed attempt to rid Mosul of ISIS.  The only problem is, there are up to two million civilians in the city, many of whom will likely be killed or forced to “emigrate” to nearby European countries.  And given how staunch ISIS’ resistance will likely be, there is no guarantee it will even be successful.  To the contrary, this may well be one of the most catastrophic failures in the history of Western incursion into the Middle East.  But to hell with the people, so long as Hillary Clinton can spend Wednesday’s debate telling America she, who personally helped create ISIS, is “defeating” it.  God help us, if enough people believe such genocidal lies to elect her.

Of course, the bigger issue is the rapidly spreading skepticism that the election is fair; given how, in my view, at least half the nation is fed up – and likely, incredulous at the propaganda claiming Clinton has a huge lead, and that Trump’s Billy Bush tape somehow “trumps” the massive crimes perpetrated by the Clinton and Obama Administrations; and heck, the Bush Administration before it.  Even former Attorney General Michael Mukasey told, of all outlets, the violently liberal-biased MSNBC this weekend, that Clinton should be disqualified from holding office for having a private email server; let alone, deleting thousands of email under subpoena.  However, the list of frauds is getting longer with each passing day, as the relentless Wikileaks, describing collusion between the Clinton campaign, the White House, and the media, has been so damning, it’s amazing she is still allowed to run.  Let alone, her countless other crimes, including the granddaddy of charity fraud, and arguably treason, the Clinton Foundation.

To that end, the word rigged, which has been the defining term of my career for the past 15 years, may well be the most polarizing buzzword in a generation.  To that end, I don’t know if I fear more a Clinton election, or the population’s response to their belief it was rigged all along.  Perhaps they won’t understand the financial fraud this brilliant, must read article by Jim Quinn describes, of how the Obama Administration sacrificed America’s financial future to get Clinton elected, but they’ll certainly understand Trump’s relentless accusation that the election was rigged by the Democrats and their accomplices, the “1%,” the banking establishment, and the mainstream media that have lied about everything from Trump’s sexual improprieties to Clinton’s innocence.  Heck, we know now that, care of Wikileaks, the Democratic primaries, too, were rigged; and thus, may well have produced Bernie Sanders as the nominee if not for said corruption.

My friends, it is with a heavy heart that I write of such topics – as with each passing day, I fear for our safety as a nation, and the future of our children.  It is nearly inconceivable to me, that when I started investing in Precious Metals in 2002 it would come to this – as until now, even I did not understand the depths of destruction a four decade, worldwide fiat Ponzi scheme could cause.  However, I think it’s quite obvious that there’s no hyperbole in what I’m writing, of there being a better than 50% chance that much of the world is about to experience hardship unlike anything seen in generations.  Only this time, it will be with 7.5 billion people, most unable to defend themselves, as a handful of “elites” try to quell there desire to survive and thrive, “whatever it takes.”

To that end, this is my “most passionate warning yet” – to protect your financial assets, at the least – particularly from the hyperinflation that will inevitably arrive; but equally importantly, to do whatever it takes to ensure the well being of your loved ones.  Which includes, at least here in America, not succumbing to the lies and propaganda, and helping us “BrExit” from the criminals who seek to enslave us.  I am 100% confident we can do it, if we demonstrate courage and strength.