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A sniveling, disingenuous, cowardly, TPTB boot licking, horse’s @$# is……Jeff Christian!  Yes, you know, the so called “expert” in the metals market who has been BEARISH…and WRONG…EVERY…SINGLE…YEAR since the bull market got started.  You remember, each and every year for the last 11+ years since Gold was trading sub $300.  Every single year and every single comment from this weasel has been similar to and I will paraphrase “maybe…just maybe, under the right conditions Gold will go up in the short run but the odds are that it will go down”, THEN…he reminds us that he is a “long term bull” but his future predictions are always lower prices!

Let me digress just a little bit and explain why I am so hopping mad, in my opinion, Chris Powell (Sec/Treas. of GATA) did one of THE best interviews as a proponent of real money 2 days ago.  You can watch through this video:

GATA’s Chris Powell on the Silver Manipulation Probe & the Fed Gold Audit!
Granted, Lauren Lyster served up some powder puff (actually to the point) questions to him but…isn’t it about time?  Isn’t it about time that a proponent of real money gets to to answer real questions with real answers and not have to deflect ridiculous questions about tin foil hats?  Jeff Christian’s “rebuttal”, in a nutshell was “liar, liar pants on fire”.  No, Jeff Christian doesn’t refute anything (other than saying that the Treasury’s Gold gets audited every year), he resorts to spewing “it’s not true, they’re lying”!  Bill Murphy lies. Chris Powell lies, they’re all liars and all they want are your “contributions”.  …Uh, does this mean that Eric Sprott is also a liar?  …And Jim Sinclair?  How about John Embry, James Turk, John Williams, Kyle Bass, John Hathaway, Carlos Salinas Price, former budget director John Stockman, former Assistant Treasury Sec. Paul Craig Roberts or any of the other numerous proponents of Gold?  The thing is, ALL that proponents of Gold want is “truth”, truth in money!  Yet, to steer the message off track, this bonehead Jeff Christian attacks Gold proponents as liars.  The tag of “conspiracy theorists”, nut jobs or tin foilers won’t work anymore because…we have been right about the price of Gold for so long… the last resort is to call these seekers of the truth liars.  Pitiful!

In any case, Jeff Christian has been WRONG, WRONG, WRONG for 11 years running.  He is the one that gave “us” (thank you) confirmation back in 2010 at the CFTC hearing that we were 100% correct when he admitted that the “cash market” traded 100+ paper ounces for every real, tangible (you know, the hold in tour hand type) OUNCE!  So, at least you are good for something Jeffy boy, you confirmed what us “nutcase lying conspiratorialists” have been saying ALL ALONG, not only is the money fake, so is “the Gold” that is supposedly traded.  …Cash market my @#$ Jeff, “cash” is the only function of this market, the “carry” part somehow gets left out.

Of course, I would be remiss unless I responded in this piece to the mindless and misdirectional questions/statements.. /slanders put forth by this goathead (I am from Texas and “goathead” is a real word, an insult in fact).  He says that an “audit” is and has been done every year on the Treasury’s Gold to which I must call the loudest [email protected]#!$ on!  No REAL audit has been done since 1956 and the reasoning offered is that “it would be too costly”.  Yes, “too costly”, I’ll tell you what’s too costly, the President and his lovely wife can rent out the entire Taj Mahal and bring something like 2-3,000 people with him at a cost over $1 Billion to the taxpayers (yes, that is a “B” as in Billions {not Trillions}…yet) …but…but…but $50 Million (or way less!) or whatever to account for and ensure that our FOUNDATIONAL money is in fact, safe, secure and accounted for is TOO MUCH money!  Besides, the current audit going on is at the NY Fed, OUR Gold is supposedly held at the four depositories, the Gold being audited now, largely belongs to FOREIGNERS!  Do you think that this “audit” may have been demanded by foreigners?  Why would they want an audit?  Is there maybe a little “trust issue” going on here?

One key point that Christian tries to make is that if you believe ANY markets are rigged, you are a nut.  …and I guess Li(e)bor is not manipulated?  The President’s “working group on financial markets” doesn’t exist?  The ESF wasn’t set up SPECIFICALLY to “manage” currencies INCLUDING Gold?!  If Jeff Christian doesn’t believe that markets far and wide are not manipulated then what can I say other than “I’m sorry that you are so naive but don’t add to your embarrassment by calling intelligent truth seekers a bunch of liars”.

In case Mr. Christian hasn’t figured this out yet, it is not so much that Gold is manipulated to keep it’s price up, no, this is all about propping up or keeping the perceived value of the Dollar higher than it should be.  This is all about using Dollars to purchase real goods from the rest of the world and not paying for them.  We run a $500 Billion trade deficit each year which means we take in $500 Billion worth of goods more than what we produce and “pay” for it with pieces of paper or electronic credits worth nothing.  Is this fair to the rest of the world?  Is this honorable?  The US is in the business of accepting real goods and paying for them with…promises to pay that never get paid except with more promises to pay!  Hell, “Wimpy” was more honorable! At least he promised to pay next Tuesday rather than giving a hot check today with no possibility OR intent of ever being honored!

OH, and I forgot, you said that there were “thorough studies by the professional investigative staff of the CFTC.”  …And they are who exactly?  You call Bart Chilton a “political appointee”?  Umm…and…Gary Gensler, the chairman of the committee is not a “political appointee”?  He worked for which firm?  Goldman (the squid) Sachs?  So because the CFTC told us in 2004 and 2008 that Silver wasn’t manipulated, that’s that?  THAT’S your “proof”?  Aren’t these the same people who told us …told the clients of MF Global and PFG Best…no worries…we’re on the job?  So the CFTC came out in 2004 and 2008 to tell us that Silver was NOT manipulated,…of course they did…could they tell us anything else?    …and if they told us that Gold and Silver were…well…you know…manipulated…just a teeny tiny bit?…the ramifications would be …?  Do you really believe that we, us peons, us sheep, us “expendables” could, as Jack Nicholson said, “handle the truth”.  Could, the Dollar survive as a unit of “exchange” if it were made public that paper contracts for Gold, backed by nothing were being sold to “levitate” the value of the Dollar?  NO… us “peons” could NEVER handle this amount of truth…neither could the foreigners whom we are ripping off to the tune of at least $500 Billion per year…this is exactly WHY we have tools like you Jeff Christian telling us everything is on the up and up to make us feel better!

So, to wrap this up, Jeff Christian, you have been wrong, WRONG for the last 11 years.  We, (I) have been right and to this point, RIGHT for the RIGHT REASONS!  YOU have done your damnedest to scare people out of THE only investment that will PERFORM when NOTHING ELSE does.   Do you feel good about this?  Has Goldman, JP Morgan or some secret Treasury fund given you a “bonus” for your bogus misdirectional advice?  Do you feel “good” because you are putting doubt into investors minds as to how to protect themselves and their families?  I have sat back during the last 11 months correction in PM’s with the knowledge that daily movements are not important in any fashion, I know this now more than ever with the latest barrage of disinformation.  The Financial Times has come out with 2 bogus articles, one about the CFTC dropping it’s investigation and the other “Sell your Gold and send your kids to college”. Then some hack writes a piece called the “12 most infamous economic conspiracy theories” topped off by YOU squealing like a stuck pig at Chris Powell’s most truthful and refreshing interview.  Has something changed for all this “protestation” to come about all at once?

As I have done before twice, I challenge you, Jeff Christian to, and I willfully accept a debate with ANY moderator of your choice in ANY venue of your choice.  I will arrive in Antarctica if that is where you would like to debate me on the subject of REAL vs. FAKE and FRAUDULENT money.  You can scream to the top of your lungs…Liar liar pants on fire!  I worked as a broker in YOUR system for 23 years, I never, EVER had a single lawsuit brought against me.  Neither was there a single lawsuit brought against one of my brokers OR office in the 12 years that I managed it, liar, liar pants on fire will not, nor does cut it.  I personally take offense to you calling ME (I do associate myself with with real money advocates) a liar.  I was brought up where a man’s word was his bond, as good as any signature, I (we) seek truth and will not stop until we get it.  We, (I) are advocates for the TRUTH, Gold IS real money, Silver IS real money.  YOU, the Federal Reserve, the Treasury and all of the re-hypothecated, 100-1+++ levered, fiat PIECES OF PAPER CRAP are in fact the non truth.  We live in a world of nothing but lies, you Jeff are one of the Devil’s chief advocates!  When the entire system comes crashing down, I hope you are proud of what you facilitated!

P.S.  why do you suppose the government has told the 5 largest US banks to make plans preventing collapse?