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As you know by now, I don’t like to talk about politics because it’s a losing game.  Inevitably, no matter what is said someone will get their feathers ruffled and just shut down.  When I say “shut down” I am saying this, I have written over these years to try to urge or be an impetus for people to wake up and protect themselves financially and any other way possible.  If I wrote about politics then some on the right or the left might stop reading and my message would reach fewer who have the need to prepare for the mathematically inevitable future.  That said, I am sure that what I say today will ruffle some feathers on both sides and in between.  So be it, maybe just maybe it will jar some of those sleeping soundly into action.  I will tell you here exactly how I see it.

Here goes.  We have lost our country.  We are mathematically bankrupt and morally bankrupt.  I do believe that even the average person does know today or at least senses that something is wrong.  The vast majority doesn’t know what it is but they have a “sense” or a “feeling” that something just isn’t quite right.

It is my opinion that the United States is being taken down purposely.  I can say this because no sane man or woman would have put in place the policies that we have over the last 15-20 years.  Think about it, who would have put NAFTA or CAFTA into place?  How could this ever have been “good” for the American worker?  As a side note, our last chance at having a leader who clearly knew how to run a business and told it as it really was was Ross Perot.  He caused a groundswell that could have taken the helm to use common sense business practice and ethics but even he was scared into exiting the race until his conscience got to him too late.  Yes there was also Ron Paul but he was tainted and smeared as a “wacko” ever since he was first elected to congress.  The press didn’t cover him and when they did, they mocked him, and the Republicans silenced him, he never had a chance.  He did (and does) however know that the fiscal and monetary policies that we were (and still are) following would end up bankrupting the nation.  He was smeared as a “lunatic” from the first day he entered congress so to put a lid on him.  It worked well enough I guess because here we are.

I would also like to say before going any further that our “two party” system in my opinion does not give you any choice because both sides work for the same masters.  I will also say that the old saying “it doesn’t matter who you vote for, it matters who counts the votes” applies more today than when it was first spoken.  I do not believe that we have had even a “slightly untainted” presidential election in the last 4 cycles.  Would it have mattered if Gore won twice followed by 2 stints by McCain?  No, I don’t think so.  We would still be broke, the currency would still be on the precipice of death and the country would still be as divided as it is.

“Divided” is a very important word and concept today.  I watched from afar (Costa Rica) our country begin to divide and take diametrically opposed sides so to speak.  Yes we used to have “debates” between the Dems and Repubs, the liberals and conservatives but there was not so much “hate”.  My wife Kathy was reading me some comments from a Yahoo article about the border situation last night, the hatred from both sides is staggering.  We have become divided like no other time since the Civil War.  Both sides are calling the other side a bunch of idiots.  Both sides are hurling insults at the “Tea Baggers” (independents?) and the Tea Party fires back in both directions.  They all somewhat miss the point in my opinion but at least the Tea Party wants to go back to using The Constitution.  There is no respect from any side, there is little logic if any and downright hatred of those with opposing “stupid” views.  It is my opinion that this part of “the plan” has worked and is working like a charm, divide the American people …as in “divide and conquer”.

My personal politics?  I would say that I am “independent of the independents”.  You know my views on business and finance.  You could describe me as an Austrian economist even though I never studied it.  I have arrived at the “Austrian school” through common sense and digging for the truth.  On the social side of things, I lean toward being conservative yet have several liberal views when it comes to personal liberty.  The Costa Ricans call it “Pura Vida”, (pure life).  I believe that people should be able to live their own lives as they wish as long as they don’t infringe on others.  “Others” in this case means “other AMERICANS”.  There are so many things today that are politically incorrect and are no no’s because we might offend someone.  I don’t give a rats ass if someone who is not an American is offended by anything that I do on American soil as an American citizen.   Today you say that hanging the American flag might offend someone?  Really?  Who cares?  This is America, it is our soil and if it offends you then please leave, we don’t need you!  On the other hand, “burning the American flag” is OK.  Really?  It offends me because I am an American.  It offends me so much that if I saw this from my neighbor I would probably go to jail for beating him senseless after putting the fire out.  Before finishing this thought process, how is it offensive to recite the pledge of ALLEGIANCE ( you know “allegiance” to YOUR COUNTRY) or have a moment of prayer in school before it starts?  Everyone has a moment to pray to their own God and the atheists get a few moments to daydream …does this infringe on anyone’s rights?

There are way too many topics to cover, the latest being the border situation.  Yes I feel for the poor women and children but I’m sorry, they are not our problem.  Yes we are all from foreign descent and yes it says at the Statue of Liberty “Give me your tired, your poor,
your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” but 100 years ago people came here to work …not get free health insurance, EBT cards, rent subsidies, disability payments and on and on.  They came here to WORK and make their lives better, NOT to receive free handouts.    100 years ago, foreigners were not sent here in droves with all sorts of infectious diseases that will surely spread and poison us.  Does anyone not see this for what it is?  Our country will have whatever remaining life blood sucked out of it.  We are being attacked from within which was exactly what Thomas Jefferson warned us of 200+ years ago.  Let me also say this, an American with no passport cannot leave or enter this country…while a foreigner with no passport can enter or leave at will, is there something wrong with this picture?  Maybe just a little?  I read this morning where TSA is not requiring any ID from aliens to board domestic flights if they have a “court appearance” form.  What is this?  No picture, no ID, no nothing?  “ID less” voting has also been suggested and if you don’t agree with it you are called heartless or even racist.  How about calling me an AMERICAN because I believe in following The Constitution?  In my opinion, a country with no borders will not remain a country for very long and we now have no border.

OK, so now it’s time to piss everyone off by saying what I believe about the “right and the left”.  Let me start with the “right”.  These people believe that the “left” has bankrupted the country both fiscally and morally.  They blame the Democrats for over spending and they blame the liberals for the social insanity that is gripping the nation.  The conservatives in my opinion “look down” upon the liberals and say that they don’t use logic in any argument or thought process.  The liberals on the other hand (again this is my opinion which as of today I am still allowed to fleetingly have) really and truly don’t use any logic in their arguments.  Have you ever spoken to or debated a liberal?  I usually stop after about 30 seconds because you cannot argue with them.  They blow off logic and often get downright mean and either call you sexist, racist or just plain stupid so what’s the point?

Don’t get me wrong, the conservatives are just as wrong as the liberals and have done more than their fair share in bankrupting this country.  We have had presidents and congress’ from both sides with various mixes over the years and no matter the mix we always and every year spent more than we had.  I believe that 1960 was the last year that this country was on any sort of “track” at all.  We even had a president (Eisenhower) who warned us of a greedy (and dangerous) military industrial complex.  We went off of the gold standard in 1971 because we had to, we were overspending and losing our gold.  We have run a deficit every single year since 1960 and Clinton’s “surplus” was a bogus batch of smoke and mirrors.  Kennedy was killed because he didn’t want to go into Vietnam and wanted to go back to a metal backed money.  Nixon fell into the MIC line, Reagan blew out our budgets, “deficits didn’t matter” with Bush Sr., and our moral compass started spinning around with Clinton.  Then came Bush II and Obama and the lunacy really began.  We have become an Orwellian state in the name of security.  We have had false flags to get us into wars and others to try to disarm us.  I will tell you that pure and raw logic tells me that steel buildings cannot collapse from fire, school children cannot die without dead bodies and men with their legs blown off cannot wheel “consciously” down the street without bleeding blood, ANY blood.

Anyone who has these same beliefs are “branded” a wacko conspiracy nut by the mainstream.   If you believe that I am one of these crazies then I ask; have you ever really researched the facts before forming this opinion or do you solely rely on the official story?  I know that these are very touchy subjects and many will get turned off but I would ask you this very simple and basic question to which everyone knows the answer.  If the “official” inflation rate is something less than 2% and your personal experience is that the real inflation rate is at an absolute minimum 5-10%, then what else are you not being told the truth about?  Please, do your own research and don’t rely on ideas being planted in your head and remember, there is a reason “why” for much of what we hear.  The “truth” will not fall in your lap or be handed to you, you have to seek it and discover it for yourself…”logic” will help you in this quest.

Think about the top leadership today.  We have watched as our president cannot open his mouth without some sort of “untruth” or downright lie spurting forth.  Our current speaker of the house has no backbone and is prone to tears while the past speaker Nancy Pelosi told us “we have to pass Obamacare to see what’s in it”.  Really?  She giggled like a little schoolgirl yearning to open her birthday present to “see what’s in it”.  The problem is that “what was in it” affects something close to 10% of U.S. GDP and every single American citizen not to mention giving care to those who enter here illegally!  I could of course get into the Supreme Court on this subject but what’s the point?

We as a nation are divided as never before, un Constitutional laws have been put in place, our industry has been pulled out from under us, “free stuff” abounds everywhere for anyone willing to take it, our borders have been thrown wide open so that real terrorists can enter while real Americans are spied on and deemed terrorists.  The only thing left to ignite the pressure cooker is some sort of banking/currency event.  When this thing blows it will be every man and woman for themselves.  Unlike the civil war, who is your enemy?  Everyone?  People are angry.  People feel trampled on and ignored yet few really know why.  The banking system is squeezing you dry because the purchasing power of your currency is going away.  This was by design and was planned and put into place 101 years ago when the Federal Reserve was created… on purpose… not a “policy error”.  Yes, we are all sheep and have all been sheared to varying degrees.  Soon there will be nothing left to shear and it will be real blood that they want …and unfortunately they will get it as Americans fights Americans.

People are bewildered but so few are or have done anything to figure out what has really happened. Surely less than 2% of Americans have moved any capital out of banks and into real money.  I see it as “lethargy and ignorance” not to mention a school system that purposely keeps inquiring minds from wanting to know.  So few are really seeking anything at all much less the truth.  An example is CNBC.   I believe them to be mostly blatant disinformation but they have less than 200,000 viewers so the harm is limited.  This  by the way is less than the remainder of population in the once booming Detroit.  There are some who are “seeking” the truth but not many.  In my opinion the truth or at least real logic can be found at the Zero Hedge website as they offer real topics and usually real logic.  Yet their most read articles only have 200,000 reads or so.  Maybe they have 1 million clicks per day but I would guess probably less than 500,000 on an average day.  Please remember, many of their readers are not Americans as they are read worldwide but let’s use this figure of 1 million clicks anyway.  One million is only 3 tenths of 1 percent of the U.S. population.  Where are the other 99.7% of the U.S. population getting their information from?  Bloomberg?  MSNBC?  The White House press conferences?  All you need to do is look at the retail volume numbers on Wall St. to see that people have mostly thrown up their arms and tuned out.

Let me wrap this up by saying that we are now a pot of boiling gasoline ready to explode.  Few, very few even understand why there is so much anger seething just below the surface.  It doesn’t and will not matter because even if you know “why”, you can and will be just as hungry as your neighbor when food is hard to come by.  If people are angry now, what do you think it will be like when the general population finds out that the money they worked for was a fraud?  What will happen when the banks “bail in” depositors and confiscate funds?  What will it be like when WalMart doesn’t have food to sell whether you have cash, an unfunded EBT card or even silver to buy with?

I am sorry if any of this has offended you, it was not my intention.  My intention was to try to “stir the pot” a little in the hopes that someone who reads this may finally do something about it and prepare.  Yes some are “prepping” but the vast majority are not because they don’t know that they should.  I assure you that life is about to change for everyone, life will be a little “less bad” if you can see it now and plan for it.  I am sure that I will receive e-mails telling me how worthless gold and silver are as part of your preparations because you can’t eat them if there is no food.  This is correct to some extent but gold is your tool to arrive at the next monetary system with some wealth, some “money”.  Silver can be used to barter with as even during the coming train wreck, something will need to serve as currency.

I will leave you with this and yes I am pro 2nd amendment.  I play golf occasionally with 2 British nationals who tell me I’m nuts because I own guns.  They tell me “why would I need a gun to protect myself when the government will do it for me?  They have protected me my whole life, what has changed?”  (In case you did not know or forgot, the 2nd amendment was written by our forefathers as a protection …against a tyrannical government.)  When the pot blows, who will protect you physically?  Who will protect your finances and money?  Who will feed you?  Hopefully you understand that the answer is “you” and yours (or small community around you).  Unfortunately we are now ripe for “something” (it’s called a false flag) to happen so that the sheep scream, even beg for “more protection”.  Regards,  Bill Holter