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This year we have had a few exciting new coin releases, such as the Gold Howling Wolf and Silver Peregrine Falcon from the Royal Canadian Mint.

silver-australian-saltwater-crocodile-1oz-mint-boxThe Australian Perth Mint is now stepping in and releasing the new 2014 Australian Saltwater Crocodile silver coin.  It is the fourth in line of their “fauna themed” coins which included the Kookaburra, Lunar series, and Koala.

This coin is 1oz of .999 fine silver with a face value of 1 AUD.  Designed by Natasha Muhl, the coins depicts the saltwater crocodile baring its rows of sharp teeth.  A limited mintage of no more than 1 million of these coins is reported.

The silver Saltwater Crocodile coins are available in tubes of 25 as well as in sealed mint boxes of 500 (20 tubes of 25 coins).  Each tube of 25 features a tamper evident seal from the Perth Mint.

This is yet another opportunity for you to diversify your holdings of silver coins.  Call 800-822-8080 for more information.