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Canada Silver CoinThe “Peregrine Falcon” is the first of four Special Edition “Bird of Prey” coins to be offered from the Royal Canadian Mint – likely over a period of two years.  In each case, we expect exactly one million coins to be issued – compared to the 18-25 million generic silver Maple Leaf coins sold in each of the past four years.  There is no way of knowing what these beautiful coins will ultimately sell for.  However, below is a table of what the six “Wildlife Series” coins – issued in 2011-13 – currently sell for.

Royal Canadian Mint Silver

As you can see, each of the six coins from the previous “Wildlife Series” trades at a significant premium to generic silver Maple Leafs; and if there’s one thing we “pound the table” on, it’s special edition and/or numismatic coins trading at or near the “melt value” of generic coins.

Look for a special offer from Miles Franklin soon; as like the previous six coins, they will likely sell out quickly.