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The primary goal of the Miles Franklin Blog is empowering readers with truth, and preparing them for the difficult journey on the road to financial salvation.  In my case, as a Precious Metal “newbie” 14 years ago, Richard Russell, Jim Sinclair, and Bill Murphy were my principal “spiritual guides”; each providing aspects of financial truth to digest – like what was wrong with the economy, why it had occurred, and what was the ultimate end game.  And in Murphy’s case, how markets were rigged to delay said end game; particularly gold and silver – which have been (ultimately, unsuccessfully) suppressed in dozens of fiat currency Ponzi schemes throughout history.

Thus, as painful as raids like this morning’s “President’s Day Desperation Raid” are, it’s nothing we haven’t seen dozens of times before.  Heck, make that hundreds of times; particularly after “Cartel Rule #1” – “thou shalt not allow PMs to surge, whilst the Dow plunges” – has been convincingly violated, as it was in spades last week.  To that end, each time such blatant paper raids have been executed, physical demand has surged – as it surely will now, as more people are “onto” them than ever before, as noted in last week’s “most important news in gold market history.”  Which, in a nutshell, discussed how, after January 28th’s unfathomably blatant silver “fix,” 11% of the LBMA’s Category Five miners abruptly resigned their seats – likely, having had enough of the increasingly obvious price manipulation.  And Voila!  Just four trading days later, gold surged nearly $70/oz – before the Cartel and PPT’s respective “damage control” algorithms kicked in on Thursday afternoon, and all-day Friday.

Want to know what said algorithms look like?  Well, here’s gold being stopped Thursday at EXACTLY the round number of $1,260; at EXACTLY the 12:00 “cap of last resort” time; via the prototypical “Cartel Herald” algorithm I first described four years ago.  Simultaneously, the “Dow Jones Propaganda Average” was “rescued” by the “Hail Mary” algorithm I also described four years ago.


Then, on Friday, gold was smashed down five separate times as it attempted to regain momentum; starting at EXACTLY the 2:15 AM EST open of the thinly-traded London “pre-market” session – as it has for 600 of the past 684 days, per an article I wrote of this phenomenon three years ago.  Although I assure you, its mind-numbingly repetitive usage commenced well before then.  Meanwhile, the Dow was magically “revived” to the tune of 300+ points – amidst not a shred of “positive” news – by the time-honored “dead ringer” algorithm described in said “Dow Jones Propaganda Average” article from April 2012.  Which, I might add, has “managed” U.S. equity movements on nearly 90% of all trading days since.


Think I’m making this stuff up?  Here are the first four of the aforementioned 698 trading days, way back in June 2013…

And here is today – for both gold and silver…

Not to mention, the “Sunday Night Sentiment” phenomenon I first documented – again, four years ago.  Which, in this late stage of history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme, has now been deployed an incredible 133 times in the past 139 weekends.  Quite an astonishing feat, given the odds of such an occurrence in any market are a mere 4%.  Let alone, in the gold market, where in the past two years, gold prices in nearly all global currencies (aside from the epicenter of Cartel suppression, the U.S. dollar) have risen.  Which is exactly what we saw last night, despite the only news over the weekend being the following…

1. Turkish airstrikes in Syria, with Saudi Arabia preparing to invade.

2. 10,000 Greeks rioting in Athens, after the government proposed to triple Social Security taxes and double income taxes, to meet the Troika’s “austerity” demands so insolvent Greek banks can received enough freshly printed “bailout” money to pay the interest owed to its European feudal lords.

3. Japan reporting that it has officially gone back into recession, with a worse than expected 4Q GDP contraction of 0.4% – which likely, was heavily overstated via accounting chicanery.

4. China reporting much worse than expected January exports (down 7% versus expectations of a 4% increase); and imports (down 14%, versus expectations of a 2 increase)

5. Heck, the economy has gotten so ugly, Louisiana State University, or LSU – one of America’s perennial football powerhouses – is now considering the cancellation of not only college football, but classes due to a lack of funding from the near-bankrupt Louisiana state government!

Yes, my friends, we’re supposed to believe this is how the financial world “reacted” to such news – just two days after an historic technical breakout!  As they say in internet lingo, “ROFLMAO.”  Google it.

In other words, we can’t more emphatically point out that what we are witnessing today is nothing different than what the Cartel has blatantly executed for at least the 14 years I have been watching – and likely, since the commencement of its current, covert incarnation in the mid-1990s.  However, given how today’s PM fundamentals have NEVER been stronger – perhaps, ever; and NEVER have so many been aware of the Cartel’s presence; rest assured, the physical ramifications of such blatant paper manipulations will be as swift as they are powerful.

Speaking of powerful, there aren’t many adjectives to aptly describe the power of the epiphany I had last week.  When, for the first time, I realized why the burgeoning “cashless society” movement was an imminent danger to our collective financial well-being.  Until now, I had been relatively ambivalent about the concept, given that the world is largely cashless already.  However, when I read this Zero Hedge article, of a Morgan Stanley investor presentation in which the analyst, upon returning from last month’s Davos, Switzerland forum, quoted a “high ranking global official” as having said this, I realized how close we are to the “horrific end game of a cashless society.”  This, just one day after analyst at Morgan Stanley’s “sister” firm, JP Morgan, forecast  negative rates of 4.5% in Europe, 3.5% in Japan, 2.5% in the UK, and 1.5% in the U.S..


In other words, the ultimate wealth confiscation scheme – in which investors are only allowed to hold their savings in insolvent banks; in which, by Central bank decree, governments can confiscate wealth via increasing doses of negative interest rates.  This, along with the new “bail-in” protocol that took effect across the European Union at the start of the year, demonstrates just how much near-term danger your savings are, if you choose to remain “in the system.”  Not to mention, increasing capital controls across the world; such as those recently imposed in China to trap investors’ funds as the PBOC destroys them by devaluing the Yuan – which even the New York Times realizes is catalyzing efforts to (illegally) export capital.

To that end, today’s article is the sixth in a series about the dangers of NIRP to said financial well-being; and subsequently, why it is causing dramatic capital flows from collapsing fiat currencies into wealth-preserving asset classes – like gold; silver; and heck, Bitcoin, which for the first time I have turned bullish on, for this very reason.

The first, “NIRP vs. Gold, Pt I,” dates back to July 2012 – when negative interest rates first emerged in European secondary markets, as bonds from “top credits” like Germany and Switzerland breached the “zero bound” in the wake of Mario Draghi’s promise to do “whatever it takes” to destroy “save” the Euro.  The last, December 2015’s “NIRP vs. Gold, Pt. V,” correctly predicted the “imminent escape of the NIRP contagion” from Europe; which as it turns out, took just one month – when the Bank of Japan plunged financial markets into chaos; and for all intents and purposes, permanently destroyed its credibility; by taking rates negative one week after claiming it had no such intention.  Let alone, just two days later, promising to do “whatever it takes” – with “no limits” – to further destroy “save” the Yen.

Per what I wrote above, I now believe negative interest rates for the entire world are inevitable; and with them, hand in hand, the imposition of increasingly draconian capital controls – from FATCA and FBAR-like reporting requirements; to limitations on withdrawals and capital exportation; and ultimately, “cashless societies” in which investors are forced to hold savings as digital deposits at insolvent banks – in which, arbitrary government decrees – like negative interest rates – will be used to not only confiscate wealth, but destroy all remaining remnants of capitalism.  Or heck, socialism; as by definition, such acts are Communist in nature.

Which is why the capital flight into gold, silver, Bitcoin, and any other means of avoiding “cashless societies” and negative interest rates will likely explode in the coming months – in advance of such decrees being handed down, in lockstep with the accelerating pace of global economic and currency collapse.  In other words, my friends, the time is NOW to protect yourself from what’s coming.  And as painful as today’s “President’s Day Desperation Raid” is, it can – and should – be viewed as an opportunity to perform your own personal version of said “capital flight.”  Which, here at Miles Franklin, we have been experts at performing for the past two decades, as one of the nation’s largest, and most trusted, bullion dealers.