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Chief Advisor To US Treasury Becomes JPMorgan’s Second Most Important Man

Matt Zames has taken over the 2nd in command position at JP Morgan and replaced Ina Drew.  He has worked over the last year or so to unwind the failed trades put on by the famous “London whale.”  Should Jamie Dimon ever step down, odds are that Mr. Zames will take the reins.  But he also has another job; a “government job” so to speak.  He is the head of “TBAC” (Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee).  This committee basically decides how much, how long or short and when the Treasury steps up to borrow (never pay down) new debt.  A pretty big job for sure but someone has to do it right?

Any conflict of interest here?  Nah, I’m sure that whenever he gets done “advising” the Treasury he would never, NEVER let his knowledge influence the investment decisions at JP Morgan.  He is now the “CIO” at JP Morgan and in case you haven’t figured it out yet, the “I” in CIO stands for “investment.”  So… we are to believe that this man (who by the way was employed by LTCM which almost blew up the entire financial world in 1998 with Russian bonds of all things) wears one hat, then switches to another and does not use his knowledge under either to benefit the other?  Or maybe this is why he has both jobs?  So that nothing gets lost in the translation unless he has a brain wire or two crossed?

So, now that it is clear that JP Morgan and the Fed are directly linked in body, soul and mind (and maybe even their vaults are physically linked by a tunnel since they are directly across the street from one another), are you able to make the leap?  The “leap?”  Yes, into the “silver and gold pool!”  We have seen both metals get trashed at most every important “technical junction” and we also know that JP Morgan has been THE biggest short in the silver market with at times over 70% of the total short position outstanding.  Knowing these 3 points, can you connect the dots and now know without a shadow of a doubt what is going on and HAS been going on… ALL THIS TIME?

The Fed + JP Morgan = official policy.  “Official policy” is that the dollar is to be used globally and we get to “enjoy” the hegemony afforded.  But, as is always the pesky case there is a fly in the ointment.  GOLD!  Gold is THE competing “money” to the dollar and how would it look if the teeny tiny silver market was allowed to explode and trade as high or even much higher than gold?  You can argue with me but my opinion is that left completely to a Mother Nature free market, silver would right now be trading higher than gold’s price of $1,470.  Yes I know this is mere opinion and argue all you’d like because we don’t have a free market and we’ll never know.

In any case, this is really brazen and blatant in your face stuff.  It is “insider trading” by simple and totally pure definition.  The largest bank in the US and the government don’t even care about appearances anymore.  They recently sold over half the years global production of gold and silver (in paper) over a 48 hour period to crash the price (which they have a zero percent possibility to ever deliver)… and then they publicly announce the “crowning” of who is going to run the incestuous circus!  The next thing you know, the new Pope will get elected to the boards of both the Fed AND JP Morgan (proving Goldman Sachs prolific in claiming that Wall St. does God’s work)… and some actual physical gold will start to hit the market since the church may be the only entity left without an empty vault.  Nah, couldn’t happen because of the “separation of church and state” written in The Constitution which is the law of the land… Oh wait!