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I usually don’t do this, normally I find a topic and pick it apart myself but I will defer this time to a video.  I came across a video that Glenn Beck did on Jan. 8th regarding the German gold situation.  I wrote two pieces on this topic over the last 10 days, “Monkey Business” and “It can’t be both?… It shouldn’t be either one.”  I absolutely implore you to watch this video! Glenn Beck has finally taken the “muzzle” off and dug all the way into the story of gold manipulation, re hypothecation and the very high probability that ALL THE GOLD IS GONE!  I was so impressed with this video because he illustrates it far better than I could ever write it.  He does so in a manner that even the simplest of minds could understand which I think is important because this means that absolutely everyone that watches can fully understand this topic if they just spend 30 minutes watching.

I sent this link to my wife and said, “WOW, Glenn Beck finally told the whole truth!”  I said this because I have not always been a huge fan of his.  He always “went there” to hot topics but almost never “got there.”  By this I mean he would have a huge headline and then only tip toe around without really getting to the meat of the matter.  My wife said to me, “Of course you dummy, he worked for FOX which is mainstream media…he wasn’t ALLOWED to talk about the ‘meat’ of anything real.”  Wow, I smacked my forehead and realized how correct she was.  Now that Glenn Beck has his own show and own platform he can say what he really thinks without being censored with a “don’t go there.”

This is an absolute MUST WATCH!  Not because it isn’t anything that you haven’t heard or read before from me or other “alternative media.”  No, this is a must watch because you can send this to your “clueless” (I can use the word “clueless” here because this is what your friends and family think of you…or worse) friend, brother in law, uncle, cousin, mother or father and ask them to watch.  Anyone who watches this will finally “get it.”  If they don’t then they clearly “don’t want to” and there is no helping them, period.  Tooting my own horn for a moment, a little more than 1/2 way through the video Mr. Beck puts up a letter that Lars Schall sent to the German Bundesbank.  Lars contacted me last week after I wrote “Monkey Business” and asked to do an interview which we did Tuesday morning.  The interview will be posted in written form and Lars is also translating it into German.  It should be finished and posted by this coming Monday and we’ll be sure that you get a copy of the English version.  Who’d a thunk that a German would ever value a cowboy’s (really a horseman) opinion…especially on money matters?