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What if everything you thought about the threats to your wealth was wrong? Would your current asset-protection strategies hold up?

In the last decade, there has been a lot of concern about the possibility of wealth confiscation by bankrupt governments and banks in the form of “wealth taxes” and “bail-ins.”

This threat may have receded with Republicans in control of the executive and legislative branches, but there is another threat that proposed Trump administration policies make much worse: the collapse of the dollar.

The weakening dollar is something you need to be thinking about without delay, as I am convinced the threat of holding dollars is real and growing.

In this podcast, I interview Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin, a U.S.-based metals broker and storage firm that has developed a unique offshore storage solution in Canada. It is designed to be nonreportable to the U.S. government under current laws … but it also provides a unique way to protect your purchasing power should the dollar weaken under growing federal deficits and trade restrictions.

In our interview, Andy mentions several websites that are owned by Miles Franklin. I invite you to explore one or all of them based on your needs:

Milesfranklin.com, the company’s main website.
PreciousMetalStorage.net, which is devoted to Miles Franklin’s segregated accounts in Canada with Brink’s.
PrivateSafeDepositBoxes.net, Miles Franklin’s specific safe-deposit box website.
As you’ll hear in the podcast, if you mention my name when you contact Miles Franklin, Andy guarantees you’ll get the red-carpet treatment.

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Kind regards,

Ted Bauman
Editor, Freedom Alliance

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