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Have you noticed that over the years how people have gotten more “stupid” year in and year out?  I remember getting an e-mail with an 8th grade final exam from the turn of the century (1900), you may have gotten the same one.  The test was pretty hard, I took it and fortunately I passed…but certainly not with flying colors (especially poor was English, writing skills and grammar…imagine that?)

There is a reason that I bring this subject of “stupidity” up and will get to it a bit later but first for a few laughs I thought I’d post Mark Dice walking around in public (presumably in California where they grow lots of “fruits and nuts”) and asking some really basic questions.  He asked “What day and year was The Declaration of Independence signed and who did we declare our independence from?”  …only a German tourist got it right.  He asks in other videos for people to sign a petition supporting the repeal of the 1st Amendment, The Bill of Rights and in others to support things like forced euthanasia and infanticide.  He stood outside of a coin dealer and tried to sell Silver Eagles for .99 cents and another time he tried to sell a 1 ounce Gold Maple Leaf for $50 while the price of gold was $1,100…with no takers.  He even got people to sign a petition where it stated clearly at the top “By signing this I affirm that I am a moron.”  He got people to support the confiscation of guns from Tea Party supporters. He couldn’t get any answers when he asked why we celebrate Memorial Day and he even got people to sign a petition for a “Holocaust celebration day.”

So my point for writing this piece about how dumbed down and brainless we are as a country and society have become?  Simple, WE ARE SCREWED!  Think about it, these people vote!  And recently they have become the majority who as Ben Franklin forecast so many years ago would be able to vote themselves curry and favor from the Federal Treasury.  Worst of all, they can vote themselves “benefits” to procreate further for a greater majority and greater benefits.

I can remember years ago when my Dad would read about something stupid (“stupid” back then is definitely better than average intelligence today), would put his hands up to head and say, “And this is what’s going to pay for Social Security?  Good Luck!”  In a nutshell this is where we have arrived.  A dumbed down population that can only see 1 inch in front of their own nose and is easily persuaded.  “Persuaded” that what is not good…is good.  Persuaded that what is downright wrong… is right and just because the “old timers” just didn’t get it.  2+2 can equal any number that politicians want the dumb (m)asses to believe and vote for.

Logic and reason in a dumb society gets routinely shouted down as “dumb” which is exactly what those running the show now need.  We live in a world where “money” is not real, never mind that no one (very few) can tell you or even define what a “dollar” is.  Never mind that even some of our politicians still think that the dollar is somehow backed by gold.  “Nothing bad,” REALLY bad has happened yet…

But “yet” is coming and coming soon.  We face a potential situation today in the Middle East where the world has abandoned standing with us because they disagree with our logic and probably more important our motives.  Congress has been asked to vote the war powers and attack Syria for alleged use of chemical weapons.  John Kerry says, “We even have PROOF with hair and soil samples”…yes, Sarin gas was probably most assuredly used…but by whom?

With a population that either doesn’t care or has a problem even reading an 8th grade exam from 100 years ago…no one will be the wiser right?  That is until something we do overseas affects the standard of living here.  As long as the checks are coming and the cards swipe and work…the majority doesn’t care.  If Syria turns into a real war…life will change within our borders.  Can Americans even envision gas or food rationing?  Can they imagine a banking system that malfunctions and “bails in” accounts?  Can they imagine the dollar being tossed for another currency that replaces it and halves or worse what was saved as purchasing power?

I ask the above questions because we as a population have become so dumbed down and believe that “wars are fought on TV.”  This is what we have “learned” since the 1991 invasion of Iraq.  It is almost as if wars have become video games that are watched in our living rooms.  Well I’m sorry, if an attack on Syria spreads to include Russia this will be anything but an “armchair war.”

Congress will vote next week whether to go to war or not and after watching the mainstream news last night and hearing that John Boehner is in support tells me that it will be a “yes” vote.  The mainstream news was full bore in their efforts to swing public opinion in favor…but as Obamacare and other travesties have proven; the will of the public does not matter.  Make no mistake, “we” need a war to prolong the use of the petrodollar…and we also need something to point to as blame when, not if, the banking system comes down.

A war makes no sense unless …there are no other alternatives for the petrodollar which apparently there are not.  I sense that the whole “rig” and jig is up and that all the past “misdirections” are coming to a head here and now.  The “sheeple” who have steadily become more numb and more dumb accepted it all the way along don’t know or don’t care but will have to be given a reason, any reason that “life has changed.”  A World War will distract and obfuscate many past wrongdoings and can (will) be pointed to when the time comes to explain what just “happened.”