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On last week’s round table podcast with Elijah Johnson of Unconventional Finance, Bix Weir made a comment regarding how overt market manipulations have become.  And not just the blatancy of stock, bond, currency, and PM interventions – per the rote machinations I discuss EVERY DAY.  I believe he used the term “official manipulation,” which gave me the idea for this RANT…

Four Part Round Table Podcast – Ranting Andy, Bill Murphy, and Bix Weir

It is public record that the “President’s Working Group on Financial Markets” is charged with supporting U.S. stocks; the Fed with purchasing Treasury bonds via “QE”, “OPERATION TWIST,” and “ZIRP”; and the “Exchange Stabilization Fund” with gold and currency intervention; not to mention, equivalent organizations in nearly ALL sovereign nations.  However, even after the past four years’ market CHAOS – following Global Meltdown I – the investment world and MSM have largely kept their heads in the sand, pretending markets were freely-traded and hoping – for instance – that the “DOW JONES PROPAGANDA AVERAGE’s” strong performance “signaled” good times ahead.

Not only did the litany of official intervention programs (such as TARP, QE, Operation Twist, and LTRO) suggest otherwise, but the public in general – due to ignorance, exhaustion, helplessness, and other factors – utilized the ultimate cognitive dissonance in making such assumptions, when not only did economic data continue to decline, but both of the “traditional safe havens” – gold and Treasury Bonds – kept rising.

Then came last summer’s Global Meltdown II – yielding MORE official intervention programs – and this spring’s Global Meltdown III, with still MORE official meddling.  Regarding the latter, bailout promises have grown so BOLD, and the BS so THICK – from the (unfunded) “Spanish Bank bailout” to the (unfunded) “European bailout” to Draghi’s “Whatever it Takes” comments – that finally, the world is realizing the hopelessness of the situation, and artificial nature of MOST markets.

EVERY DAY, I write of plunging market volumes and anomalistic behavior; and FINALLY, articles validating my work are EXPLODING worldwide.  I have already written five-plus hours this morning – with my Afternoon commentary to come – so I am not going to list the dozens of articles, podcasts, and videos describing the manipulated nature of markets that I have already posted on this blog.  Let alone, the MASSIVE market manipulation frauds emerging each day, such as “LIE-BOR.”  Heck, even gold manipulation is getting press from previously unknown sources (such as CNBC!); and I assure you, the world’s “BIG, SMART MONEY” is paying attention.

It won’t be long before “OFFICIAL MANIPULATION” is widely understood to be the primary factor moving worldwide financial markets, particularly those most VITAL to the very functioning of the GLOBAL BANKING AND MONETARY SYSTEM.  Once that “rubicon” is crossed – which I anticipate in the VERY near future – the WORLD as it was “always” perceived will NEVER return.

And if you have not PROTECTED yourself by then, it will be too late.


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