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According to the MSM, yesterday’s PM surge was surprising. Yes, what a “shock”; the world’s most undervalued assets, amidst the most bullish fundamentals of our lifetimes, actually rose.  Of course, the Cartel was there to cap gold’s rise at exactly 2.0%; at exactly the key round number of $1,250/oz.; at exactly the 12:00 PM EST “cap of last resort.”  And, of course, with nothing going on overnight markets, 2:15 AM suppression algorithms were subsequently deployed for an incredible 128th time in the past 142 trading days.

24hr Gold 12-4-2013

Oh, did I say nothing was going on?  How about the Chinese government issuing a stark warning about Bitcoin; you know, the supposed “money” that’s been deemed by its promoters “gold 2.0.”  Not only did they ban its use by financial firms, but claimed it was an unsafe investment; controlled by speculators, and utilized by criminal organizations for money laundering and terrorism.  Such news is wildly bullish for Precious Metals; in that once and for all, the supposed “driving force” behind alternative currencies has sided with its “enemies”; i.e., gold and silver.

All the Cartel’s big guns are out this morning, including the dissemination of propaganda of the highest order; such as this headline from a top MSM website, that a “Big Miss is needed in NFP Jobs Report to Boost Gold.”  Really?  So despite the fact the U.S. (and world) employment situation is as dire as at any time in our lifetimes, gold’s fate depends entirely on the contrived NFP “headline number” (as discussed in today’s article titled More BLS Lies, Coming Right Up).  And by the way, did the author realize that yesterday’s PM surge occurred just after the ADP jobs report was a “big beat?”

In other words, keep your eyes on the ball!  Don’t allow yourself to be distracted from the long-term goal of asset protection by the nefarious forces seeking to separate you from your money, and foster a false perception that “dollars,” “euros,” and “yen” are money – or for that matter, Bitcoins.  The end game for the global fiat Ponzi is fast approaching; and when it arrives, the time to prepare will abruptly terminate.