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When David Schectman called me last summer, his intention was to fold me into the Miles Franklin organization.  He had been reading my RANTS for some time on the GATA website, and client “MP” suggested my knowledge and ethics would be a perfect fit.  After chatting several times, it was quite clear we were “twin brothers from different mothers”; however, what role would I fill at his company?

Initially, he suggested teaching me the actual bullion business; where I could use the exposure from my RANTS to build a brokerage clientele.  After all, I had been buying PHYSICAL bullion for years – from multiple vendors; and thus, already knew more about PMs than 99% of the population.  However, that didn’t seem like the right position for me – as I desired a greater leadership role.

Since going “all in” to Precious Metals in 2002 – and eventually, leaving Wall Street in 2005 – I’ve made a career of “inventing” new positions.  Essentially everywhere I have gone, the lack of gold and silver expertise was essentially ZERO; even at most PM mining companies!  Thus, I attempted to educate firms – industrial and financial alike – of the benefits of such in-house expertise; particularly given my unique Wall Street skill set, and desire to live out West.  I had yet to truly find my “niche”; but working as an Investor Relations officer (and consultant) to mining companies kept me immersed in the PM world; while all along, I continued to write my FREE blogs, to an ever-growing audience.

And then it hit me – MARKETING DIRECTOR.  No other bullion company I had come across had a role even remotely resembling a marketing director; or even a passable marketing function, for that matter.  So once again, the “invention” of a role to utilize my skills.  David thought it would be a great idea, and Andy – a top notch marketer himself – eventually came on board, too.

Initially, I was not “required” to write each day; and no other specific “job functions” were defined – other than to increase Miles Franklin’s exposure and fortify its reputation at a competitively-priced dealer known for strong ethics and superior customer service.  However, writing is what I was born to do; so I immediately started writing each day, with a passion and intensity so strong, I have had to be restrained in the quantity I put out.  Shortly afterwards, we instituted the bi-daily pattern of publishing David’s DAILY in the morning, and my RANT in the afternoon – eventually adding Bill Holter to the mix; and the rest is history.

However, simply writing about gold and silver was NOT what I aimed to do.  In a business rife with opaqueness and – in many cases – charlatans, my goal was to increase our business’s transparency; thus, making it easier for potential buyers to understand the bullion industry.  Premiums, products, and “buybacks” – for example – were some of the topics that needed to be “marketed;” and NOT just to “traditional” gold and silver buyers.  Thus, we have expanded our presence at investor conferences; offered FREE Webinars; partnered with like-minded businesses (like BFI Wealth Management and MRE Depot); and flooded the airwaves with podcast, radio, and television appearances.  Above all, our goal is to EDUCATE; and fortunately, the team of David Schectman, Andy Schectman, Bill Holter, and myself are capable of doing so at the highest level.

And then, of course, came the Brinks storage program in Montreal, Canada.  Launched nearly simultaneously with my joining Miles Franklin, it has been one of the industry’s great success stories of 2012; a statement I make with ZERO embellishment, as we have amassed close to $50 million of client metal in barely a year’s time.  When I joined Miles Franklin a year ago, I wouldn’t have dreamed of allowing a third party to store my metal; although I certainly recognized that for some clients, it was a necessity.  Visiting the facility certainly opened my eyes; and after a year of working closely with the fine individuals there – as the risk of GLOBAL FINANCIAL ARMAGEDDON steadily increased – I realized that necessity had finally reached my door.

In the past year, I have been BLESSED to not only work with the fine Miles Franklin team, but expand my database of “good, smart people,” exponentially.  The positive feedback I have received is simply mind-blowing; justifying every second of my “TEN YEARS OF HEAVEN AND HELL.”  Each day, more and more people – WORLDWIDE – fight through the Wall Street/Washington/MSM PROPAGANDA to discover the universal truth that PHYSICAL gold and silver are REAL MONEY; and all else, speculative investments.

I will continue pursuing my “life’s calling” of financial education for as long as I have the outlet to do so.  Thankfully, I have found the best “outlet” imaginable.


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