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Hurricane Sandy has come and gone, CNBC and Wall Street for the most part are espousing how “bullish” it is that $ billions of damage was done because now it has to be rebuilt.  Forget about the “destruction” part, let’s just look at all the future construction that needs to be done.  How stupid is this train of thought?  I feel for the people who have lost everything or have partial losses, as you may remember we lost our house and everything in it about a year ago, it was a nightmare to put it mildly.

I do want to mention that what we are watching now as far as gas lines, people “dumpster diving” for food, violence and “gun play” over necessary commodities is a little surprising to me.  Maybe it shouldn’t be and maybe I should have expected it.  This was a storm that was highly publicized for a full week prior to the first rain drop or gust of wind.  NO ONE should have been surprised one bit and had plenty of time to prepare.

…So, why, if you had time to prepare would you need to be stuck in a gas line?  Why, if you knew for a fact ahead of time that a big storm was going to hit, would you not have stocked up on a couple of weeks worth of food?  Why would you chance having to go out onto the streets to fight for that days’ meal?  Yes, I understand, when your house burns down or is flooded or blown away, your food is lost also, but why not at least fill up your gas tank?  It makes no sense to me but then again I am a “doom and gloomer” who prepares for the worst and hopes for the best.

Now, let’s go one step further and assume that those who have been correct for the past 10+ years will be correct about the future and that a “re set” and some sort of “banking holiday” is in the cards.  After watching the aftermath of Sandy, how prepared do you think the average person is for this type of scenario?  How prepared are you?

What if us “lunatics” are correct and the banks actually do close, ATM’s don’t work and distribution breaks down?  Can you eat or feed your family for a week?  How about a whole month?  What if the system doesn’t re boot for 6 months?  I get it, many people cannot afford to build up a huge stash of food… but surely they should be able to at least fill up their gas tank ahead of time.  My point is this, if people did not prepare for a hurricane that was known for a fact to be headed somewhere towards the East Coast, do you think that they will be prepared for the mathematical certainty that the financial system breaks down and the currency goes “poof?”

Sadly, I think that what you are watching now is a preview to the future.  I personally know many people who have the means to prepare themselves for a financial breakdown who have not done so.  For less than $5,000, you can prepare yourself and family with enough food for 6 months to a year.  But no, “you are a lunatic,” “that will never happen, this is the United States,” or the best one is “the government will never let it happen” is what people say to preparing.  Yes, I know that there is a movement toward “prepping” but this is still a very small minority.  I can only hope that if you are reading this piece and have not prepared yourself, you will do so now.  If there is anything at all positive about hurricane Sandy, maybe this is it?

I want to end this piece by pointing out that ONLY the “lunatics” called the Internet bubble… a bubble beforehand.  The lunatics were the only ones who thought that real estate nationwide and worldwide was going to crash while the mainstream (including Bernanke) believed that real estate could never, ever even drop in value because as they said “it had NEVER gone down before.”  Only the lunatics pointed at the banks and banking system as to where the direct negative effects of a crashing real estate market would be felt.   Only the lunatics pointed out back in 2008 that sovereign governments were next and that they would begin to fail as they were exposing their balance sheets to destruction.  …And now, you are still considered a lunatic if you stock up on food, believe that precious metals are true money or purchase weapons for your own protection.  In my opinion, if you do not prepare yourself for what is surely sooner or later coming, you will look back with a new found definition of the word “lunatic.”