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Lest anyone believes my “rants” against the U.S. government imply support for the policies of other governments; DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH.  The buffoons running the rest of the world are equally clueless; and given their lack of “reserve currencies” to cushion the blows of their lunacy, the moronic statements they make can have far more dire near-term ramifications.

Case in point is today’s G-20 meeting; in which clearly, the long-term fate of the dollar will be discussed.  Mind you, this topic is being broached not due to some type of universal wisdom among world leaders; but instead, because even a fool realizes America is destroying the ENTIRE WORLD with its MONEY PRINTING.  This is what I proved in Tuesday’s “MOST IMPORTANT ARTICLE I’VE EVER WRITTEN”; as followed up by the evidence presented in today’s piece.  Thus, even I was shocked when these fools shirked their long-term responsibilities due to fears of short-term market moves; in this case, this morning’s surge in the 10-year U.S. Treasury yields to 2.95%.

And thus, I present the INCREDIBLE fact that in pre- G-20 press conferences, both China and Russia “warned” the U.S. to be cautious about ending QE; i.e., the very program that is KILLING their economies and stoking worldwide inflation – per this quote from Zhu Guangyao, China’s Deputy Finance Minister…

The United States must be mindful of the spillover effects (of ending QE), and work to contribute to the stability of the global financial markets and the steady recovery of the global economy.

Baltimore Sun, September 5, 2013

NOW do you understand why I continue to scream that rising U.S. interest rates will cause the ENTIRE GLOBAL ECONOMY to implode?  TRUST ME, it will; particularly when America is simultaneously catalyzing an oil price surge – to $108/bbl as I write – as it prepares to start World War III in the Middle East.  And for those of you that think otherwise, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee took the first step toward Congressional approval by voting yesterday afternoon in favor of an attack; while simultaneously, Russia’s Putin called Secretary of State John Kerry a bold-faced LIAR for trying to connect al Qaeda to the alleged Syrian chemical attack.

So now we head into the monthly “lie-fest” that is reporting of the ADP Employment Report (today) and NFP payrolls (tomorrow).  Last month, such the July data (worse than expected, if you recall) was disclosed whilst the Cartel was amidst a four-week gold capping at the VERY KEY ROUND NUMBER of $1,300/oz – which was eventually breached for good on August 8th.  And this month, it comes as gold has been capped at the VERY KEY ROUND NUMBER of $1,400/oz for nearly two weeks.

These highly politically-motivated numbers – which may well be purposely reported “below expectations” in a last-ditch, desperation effort to prevent the 10-year from breaching 3.0% – are pure LIES; as once you get past the fraudulent “statistical adjustments” that place the final figures wherever the BLS wants, you realize the so-called “jobs” reflect a “NEW EMPLOYMENT PARADIGM” of part-time, minimum-wage paying, non-benefit retail jobs that have ZERO impact on economic activity.  To the contrary, they contribute to increased entitlement demand given their inability to compensate for the soaring cost of living.  And if you don’t believe me, just ask the tens of thousands of fast food workers currently striking, seeking a doubling of wages.

If you want to know how the economy is really doing, check out this chart of how U.S. exports plus imports have been FLAT-LINING for the past two years.  As you can see at the chart’s bottom, each time this measure has fallen this far below its long-term trend line, a GLOBAL economic calamity ensued…

US Exports and Imports

Only you can choose how to financially respond to the economic cataclysm we currently face.  If you believe the Washington/Wall Street/MSM PROPAGANDA of “recovery,” however, your investments may well have a repeat experience of 2000, 2008, and any other global meltdown you choose to apply.  Only PHYSICAL gold and silver ensure your long-term financial viability, which is why I personally made this shift more than two years ago.