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It’s Friday morning, and I’m on fire, for many reasons – starting with thus far, being decidedly correct about my “2.5%, ‘Nuff said” theory, for the same reason I was right about my “3.0%, ‘Nuff said” prediction of January 2014; i.e., interest rates cannot rise any further, without annihilating the global economy.  That, and gold rising yesterday due to “bullish” economic data, like the Philly Fed’s comically fraudulent “ten-sigma” surge to three-plus decade highs.  Which, just as I called out a similar surge two years ago as the “lie to end all lies,” will unquestionably crash back into reality shortly.

Gold rising today (albeit, in prototypically Cartel-capped manner) despite the dollar index rising; which, as I have espoused countless times before, has NOTHING to do with U.S. strength – but to the contrary, overseas weakness and “safe haven” capital flows.  By the way, if anyone still believes Fed governors are anything but a handful of Keystone Kop puppets, consider that just three days after Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer said there is extreme uncertainty about the future, with no way of guessing what might happen, he suddenly changed his tune – apparently, influenced by the siren’s song of meaningless “soft data” like the Philly Fed survey – in espousing he is “a little more confident” about the health of the economy.”

Next, this must read article, describing exactly what I have been saying about the bearish implications of the historic crude glut; whilst conversely, this article finally puts the violently bullish fundamentals of silver into perspective – which unlike crude oil, saw production decline in 2016, with a significantly larger decline anticipated in 2017.  Just as is the case with gold, I might add.

There’s a whole lot more “PM bullish, everything-else-bearish” things to get to before what really fired me up – starting with this must read article from one of the best alternative media websites around, the Economica blog; of the horrifying demographics I have long discussed as one of three legs of the “troika of destruction” overwhelming our planet – the others being fiat currency and overpopulation.

Then there’s Minnesota Fed President Neel Kashkari unequivocally accusing U.S. banks of lacking sufficient capital to withstand another crisis (but hey, “what could possibly go wrong?”; and openly calling for heightened capital requirements, akin to requiring new homebuyers to at the least, “put 20% down.”  Next, Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda, the man who has destroyed Japan with “Abenomics” for the past four years, having the “historic chutzpah” to warn the world of the dangers of negative interest rate policy.  To wit, “a new challenge has emerged in the form of low profitability at financial institutions…suggesting a different kind of financial crisis could happen in the future”; and thus, “for the financial system to ensure future stability, it is becoming more and more important in the long term to think about possible responses to low profitability at financial institutions.”  Well, Haruhiko, as today’s article title suggests, quite soon the “old” thinking that Central banks can improve economic conditions by printing money will shortly be over – as the “new” concept of decentralized, non-government issued, “managed,” and regulated money prepares to take, in the words of Neil Armstrong, “one giant leap for mankind.”

Then there’s the – as usual, non-mainstream media reported – news of accelerating Greek bank runs, ahead of what I strongly believe will be a cataclysmic Greek GrExit in the next twelve months.  Not to mention, equally unreported news that China plans to change its maritime law to enable the barring of foreign (read, U.S.) ships deemed as threats from passing through its waters.  Plus, news that despite a “recovering” economy, U.S. household debt rose by a whopping $460 billion in 2016, taking it to essentially the same level as the all-time high of early 2008, just before the biggest financial crisis in generations.  And the ECB’s meeting “minutes,” depicting a terrified group of Keystone Kops, ready to increase QE further at the slightest hint of the crisis we all know is coming.  And data regarding hideous bubbles everywhere, from ones like stocks, margin debt and commercial real estate that are ripe to implode; and those, like taxi medallions, that already have, care of the “shocking new world order” I discussed last week.  And Humana, one of America’s largest HMOs, officially announcing its intention to exit Obamacare next year.  And China selling more U.S. Treasuries in 2016, than any previous year ever.  Not to mention, the all-out war going on within America, as “liberals,” their MSM puppets, and the intelligence community itself takes aim at the “outsider” Donald Trump – whose allies, representing America’s soon-to-not-be-so silent majority, are equally powerful and determined.

What really incited my passion, of how the “old” is on the verge of being serially destroyed – including, I might add, the gold Cartel – was the “fiery speech” delivered yesterday by former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair, “urging BrExit’s opponents to ‘rise up’ and fight to change the British people’s minds about leaving the European Union.”  To which I can only say – aside from wow, what a sore loser – IT’S OVER TONY, YOU LOST!

Last I looked, Britons “rose up” last June, to vote for the end of the tyranny Tony Blair, David Cameron, and countless other crony capitalist imperialists resided over. In other words, the days of Tony Blair’s warmongering efforts with George Bush; David Cameron’s crony capitalism with Barack Obama; and generally speaking, Britons’ serfdom to EU bureaucrats; and puppeteering at America’s hands; are over – as will shortly be the case in Holland; France; Italy; Greece; and Catalonia, Spain.  And shortly thereafter, everyone else, as a new “new world order” takes over, in which individuals have more rights and nations more sovereignty.  And as noted above, Central banks will no longer have the ability to print – and DESTROY – money.

I cannot more forcefully emphasize the necessity of preparing for the sweeping political, economic, social, and monetary changes that will virally spread throughout the world in the coming years – some of them, as imminently as inevitably.  Which includes, in my very strong opinion, getting as many of your assets “out of the system” as possible; and at least in small part, protecting them with the only asset class proven to have preserved purchasing power throughout history; i.e., physical Precious Metals.  To that end, if you have any questions about this topic, Miles Franklin has been one of the nation’s largest, most trust bullion dealers for more than two decades.  Please check out our website, at www.milesfranklin.com; call us at 800-822-8080; or email me personally, at [email protected].