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It’s nearly impossible to predict what might happen in the here and now or tomorrow, but if you identify the way the river flows, or the primary trend of the market, the current will carry you to the delta.  Further, I do not care what the price of gold is today, because I don’t own gold as an investment or to get rich. I own gold as a way to protect and preserve my wealth.  With that being said, profit is not a four letter word, and I expect healthy profits going forward.  Those profits will be fueled largely by investment demand for gold products, which in this country, is in its early stages, and is just starting to develop.   This is coincides with a developing concern among investors, that all is not right in the financial world, and, much like the US tax code, they just don’t fully understand it.  Then again, why would the average American “get it” when most bankers, insurance salesman and financial advisors don’t even get it?

Perhaps through the corner of the public’s collective eyes, they see the massive deficits, negative real interest rates, geo-political trouble and a worldwide debt problem that is growing bigger.  Perhaps with the proliferation of gold advertisements people realize gold has been doing well, but I doubt most people realize that 10 years ago today $1,200 bought four ounces of gold, and today $1,200 won’t even get you a single ounce.  Not a bad return on something I don’t consider an investment!

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