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Susan and I spent the day helping Andy and Zhanna move into their new house.  I forgot what an awful chore moving is.  The kids spent the last five years renting a condo so this move is long overdue.  My best friend is flying here from Miami Beach on Sunday and we will spend a few days listening to music and relaxing.  Between helping Andy and Zhanna, and entertaining my friend, I will be taking a couple of days off and won’t be publishing my daily blog on Friday or Monday.  But, we are stuck in a rut at $1,400 so you won’t miss much of importance.

PS:  Check out the article, France Bans Shipment of Gold and Silver in the Mail, by the Silver Doctors that gives you a heads up on what is happening to gold and silver now in France.  Is the same thing heading our way?

Bill Fleckenstein is someone that I have a great deal of respect for.  I have spent time with Bill on three different occasions, at his office in Seattle.  He has a wonderful track record and you should pay very close attention to his comments.  Hey, I’d let him manage MY money!  He is not a “run-of-the-mill newsletter writer.”  He oversees a very successful hedge fund and puts his money where his mouth is…  Here are some of his thoughts from his recent interviews with Eric King.  I urge you log in to KWN and listen to both interviews.  They should not be missed.
Fleckenstein – We Are Staring At Economic Collapse
June 5 2013
Today Bill Fleckenstein gave his most powerful interview ever as he warned King World News that we are now going into a depression, or we will have massive inflation.  Fleckenstein also warned that either way this will end in a financial disaster that will be worse than what the world witnessed in 2008.  Below is what Fleckenstein, who is President of Fleckenstein Capital, had to say in this powerful and exclusive interview.
Eric King:  “You are saying we are either going to tumble into a depression here, or have some kind of serious inflation.”
Fleckenstein:  “That’s been the dilemma ever since the stock bubble burst.  We would have had something close to a depression in the wake of the financial crisis, but they pursued this policy (of reckless money printing).”
They are terrified of what will happen.  They are talking about preventing deflation.  It’s just such nonsense.  When they are printing all of this money we can’t have deflation.  But show me one consumer that wouldn’t like deflation.  Wouldn’t we all like to have the price of all the stuff we buy decline?  Hell yes we would. 
What these idiots mean is, they are talking about an economic collapse.  They use ‘deflation’ as the watch word to say, ‘We need to prevent economic collapse.’….
“Why would we have an economic collapse unless we were pursuing insane policies that were precipitated by them (the Fed)?  So they can’t even have an honest discussion about what they are really concerned about.”
Nevertheless, we already know what the decision is going to be if things get dicey — print more money.  That’s what they do.  Now we’re starting to see the early stages of a stock market correction here.  I think we are going to have the Nikkei under pressure and the stock market here under pressure, and I would like to see how high (both) our (bond market) and the Japanese bond market can get.
The above section was just a small portion of what Fleckenstein had to say about the coming financial chaos.  He also discussed gold and silver at length.  The extraordinary audio interview with Bill Fleckenstein is available now and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE. 
 How bullish is Fleckenstein on gold?  Bill says:
 I think this is probably the most exciting opportunity that I maybe have ever seen.  You know 1982 in stocks was pretty damn exciting I’ve got to say.  1984 in bonds was pretty exciting.  God, you just couldn’t lose, right?….
And the next time the bears, who are wrong to be short, have to cover, and the sold-out bulls have to pile back in, it’s going to be pretty damn explosive.  Then the market will be going up when the news is constructive, and who knows how high the market may decide to go?
But in any case, the fundamentals dictate you have to own gold to protect yourself.  How much is up to you … Maybe we are going to explode out of here.  The setup is explosive.  Gold has been going down for 18 months now or just about.  So, essentially it’s been in a bear market since the fall of 2011.
But you know what?  If it’s been a bear market inside of a massive secular bull market, then 18 months, you know that’s long enough.  We’re getting to the end of that run too.”
IMPORTANT – This was Bill Fleckenstein’s greatest audio interview ever and it is now released.  The above section was just a small portion of what Fleckenstein had to say.  He discussed the coming financial chaos and gold and silver at length.  The extraordinary audio interview with Bill Fleckenstein is now released and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE. 
Read the full interview at KingWorldNews.com

Before I sign off, here are two very interesting charts I got from Ed Steer, courtesy of Nick Laird over at Sharelynx.com.  What do the Chinese know that you don’t?  Hopefully, if you are a long-time reader of this blog, NOTHING!

Monthly Chinese Gold Net Imports from Hong Kong

Annual Chinese Gold Net Imports from Hong Kong