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As the ENTIRE WORLD cascades toward the inevitable currency implosion that has already enveloped the “FRAGILE FIVE” and countless others, I have a bit of good news.  Yes, I, Andy Hoffman, scored the game-winning goal in my soccer game yesterday; and not a “cheapie” – but a 30-yard blast into the top corner of the net!  A goalkeeper by trade, I have spent the past five years developing my “field skills” against much younger competition; and I’m happy to say, it’s finally starting to pay off.  And thus, anyone that doesn’t believe perseverance doesn’t matter should think twice – regarding both financial investments and other personal goals!

And perseverance is exactly what we have needed to endure the shock waves of TPTB’s final death throes; as they expend all possible efforts to delay the inevitable changing of the monetary world order – via maniacal, 24/7 doses of MONEY PRINTING, MARKET MANIPULATION, and PROPAGANDA.  Friday’s efforts to support historically overvalued equities following a brutal NFP report is just such an example; not to mention, as Food Stamp usage soared to a new ALL-TIME HIGH; IBM terminated its retiree health plan due to surging medical costs; McDonalds is on the verge of terminating its “dollar menu” due to exploding beef costs; and most of the “civilized world” rebuked Obama’s attempts to garner support a Syrian military attack at the G-20 meeting (as discussed in this SPOT-ON article by Paul Craig Roberts – The West Dethroned).  And don’t forget the ominous portents of the Polish government confiscating half of ALL private pension funds; prompting Jim Sinclair to reiterate the same “GOTS” advice – or “Get Out of The System” – that I have been screaming since 2009…

Note the reference to all retirement accounts. Those accounts are going to be targeted and your hard earned assets will be replaced with a special issue of sovereign paper that will have no real value whatsoever. Whilst the penalty and taxes may seem onerous they will seem insignificant after the nationalization occurs. Quite simply there is no time left and I advise that you must act now to secure what you have.

jsmineset.com, September 5 2013

It’s early Monday morning, and the all-important 10-year Treasury yield is at the same 2.95% level it closed Friday afternoon at.  If it breaches the key 3.00% level this week – swamping Fed “turboQEing” efforts in the process – GLOBAL fears of economic collapse will surely accelerate.  Consequently, “First World” nations are practically pleading with the Fed to hold off the “tapering” that was never really on the table in the first place – let alone, following Friday’s abysmal NFP report.

On Thursday, the Chinese and Russians “warned” the Fed of the risks of unwinding QE; ironically, despite the evidence I presented last week that it is DESTROYING the world.  And today, Christine Lagarde of the IMF is doing the same.  Heck, the UK is so fearful of the near-term ramifications of a reduction in MONEY PRINTING (assuming, of course, that such suicidal actions can keep rates down indefinitely), that none other than Chancellor of the Exchequer Osborne just stated the “most powerful tools to protect living standards are low mortgage rates…”  Can you imagine such a MORONIC statement coming from the de facto head of the London “city?”  And when you hear it, does it make you consider just how many “off balance sheet” derivatives are tied to the maintenance of such unnaturally low rates?

As for “QE4” itself, the sad fact is the Fed has monetized an astounding 117% of U.S. Treasury issuance in 2013.  And now that the Chinese and Japanese are aggressively selling their positions – in the former’s case, whilst hypocritically begging the Fed to continue monetizing – there are literally NO OTHER BUYERS to prevent the Treasury market from collapsing.  So for those worried the Fed might announce QE “tapering” at next week’s FOMC meeting – as if it would make any difference on PM fundamentals anyway – I say to you, “take a chill pill.”  Not to mention – you would be wise to follow what the criminals at JP Morgan are doing; as on late Friday afternoon, they quietly removed their Precious Metals sell recommendation.  Even they know you can only draw so much blood from a stone; which is precisely why JPM, Goldman Sachs, and other financial vultures have been aggressively increasing their PM long positions