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Bill Holter brought up an interesting point yesterday.  He concluded that, “nothing has any value.”  That is one of the behind-the-scenes reasons I own gold and silver coins.  When Bill wrote, “nothing,” he neglected to mention gold and silver – PHYSICALS.  Of course he knows that, but when we sit down every day and write a column, no easy task, I might add, it is easy to forget the obvious.  He wrote a brilliant article titled, Net Versus Gross, but I would have added, “And that’s why you need physical gold and silver!”  That is real, can’t be inflated away or can’t be defaulted on MONEY.

I find it interesting that I am inundated with emails and articles about war-related topics.  Russia/U.S., N. Korea/S. Korea, China, Japan, Israel/Iran.  Larry Edelson and Richard Maybury (plus Gerald Celente and others) are aware of war “cycles” and we may be in one now.  But this one will most likely be fought on the Internet (virus) and currency markets.  The black Swan events that could overwhelm the system are growing by the month.  These are dangerous times – and just because we have been able to kick the can down the road and navigate around them for years, doesn’t mean that the game will go on indefinitely.

War Cycles — the Effect on Your Portfolio – www.moneyandmarkets.com

Larry Edelson | Monday, April 28, 2014 at 7:30 am

The war cycles I’ve been telling you about simply must be taken seriously.

But they must also be understood in the right context. That context is the following: Not since the mid and late 1800s have so many different war cycles converged together at the same time.

Back then we had the American Civil War, then the Spanish American War, and the California Indian Wars.

Across the globe, we had the Taiping Rebellion, the Second Anglo-Burmese War, the 1853 to 1856Crimean War, the 1854 to 1873 Miao Rebellion in China …

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Da Boyz are working overtime to hold down the price of gold (and silver) in order to present a false sense of “everything’s alright.”  It ain’t!  Hoffman and Holter tell you why, every day.

We analyzed the results of our recent Miles Franklin survey.  It clearly showed that there are many of you who I categorize as “preaching to the choir.”  You all love the newsletter and read it four or five times a week.  You are the well-read portion of our mailing list.  Most of you, in this group, read Sinclair, Casey, KWN, Russell and Zero Hedge (and more).  So to you, my Featured Articles section is of no particular use, though you should check in the table of contents and there will often be articles in this section that you don’t subscribe or read.  Take whatever you need.  But this section is really for the newcomers or those who are not (yet) as hooked onto reading about the things we discuss.  They NEED Sinclair, Zero Hedge and the rest.  No newsletter is a “one size fits all.”  I am putting out enough important information, on a daily basis, to take care of those who only read our letter.  The rest of you – well, just enjoy my occasional comments and the fabulous information that we send you from Hoffman and Holter every day.

I am having big-time problems with my AOL account and it makes it very difficult to do my daily.  It will be fixed by the end of the week, hopefully.  But I did want to add a bit today and let ya all know that I am alive and kicking and am absent only due to technical issues.