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Euro bail-out in doubt as ‘hysteria’ sweeps Germany
There were two financial assets, which boomed, in late 2008. One was Treasury debt; the other was the US Dollar. While Gold and everything else was falling out of bed, the trade-weighted US Dollar index – the USDX – soared 21 percent from 73 to 88.2 between early August and late November 2008.
Compare that to what is happening now. Treasuries are soaring but the US Dollar is, at best, flat. And Gold in terms of EVERY major paper currency has gone ballistic. This time, things do look different. – Bill Buckler, The Privateer…August 20, 2011
Tuesday, gold recovered its entire loss from the day before plus $6. And silver recovered all but $0.15 of its loss yesterday.

Here are a few comments that Andy Hoffman sent to me. Pictures can indeed tell a great deal.
Amazing how silver rises all night and morning, but PLUMMETS at EXACTLY 12:00 PM EST.

Carbon copy of Friday, busting up the 12:00 (attempted) cap, after the usual morning caps.

Just a reminder – I have included a worthwhile article by NIA in the full newsletter but we do NOT endorse their stock recommendations. Rumors abound that they are a “pump and dump” outfit, and in any case, exploration-mining companies are very, very risky at best.